"Why yes, I do!"

Hi everybody!
Thanks for the nice thoughts sent out my way yesterday. It was just one of those days...
Ya know- The other day at the doctor's office, a lady told me that I reminded her 
of her daughter. Of course, instead of 'thanks', I asked why. 
"Do you shop in thrift stores?" she asked. "Why yes I do!"
"You look so neat and hip. My daughter loves thrift stores." she said.
 My ego was flattered. I think...
We proceeded to chat about how finding things in a thrift store gives you more choices, more unique style and we even talked about 'cookie cutter' fashion!
A stranger told me she hated looking like everybody else and liked thrift store 
fashion as much as I do. Thank you strange, friendly lady!
These are the thing that make my love of "Style Art" so exciting and rewarding. 
These are the things I should dwell on. Positive feelings... A stroke or two never hurts ;)
Thanks, Zen Master - It really is about the style, not the body wearing it!
skirt as dress; $3.00 cheapo fashion shop / shoes; Glo / scarf; thrifted / beret; Sears,clx.
clutch: The Loudmouth
Have you guys figured out who my mentor is yet?
I LOVE her and,
I'll never tell....


grunge-queen said...

What a great compliment! And you're right: what we do IS Style Art! :)

pastcaring said...

Good to know you are feeling OK with yourself again. It's ALL about the style, not the body wearing it, so true!
Love today's look - bright and sassy and dramatic and those shoes are fabulous!
PS. Random compliments from strangers are always guarenteed to make my day! xxxx

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

I do love your style and this outfit is so cool. I would like to say though that I think it takes some talent to put together outfits from thrift stores that look stylish. You have that talent and can pull together lovely outfits.

Bella Q said...

You look fantastic Reeves! Wearing one of my favorite color combos (red/black) and floral never hurt, and you do look so fresh and fun here. I'm glad you're feeling better, you spread style sunshine wherever you go! xo. -Bella Q

Terri said...

I suspect I know who your mentor is and I too shall keep it a secret...

Love red and black always. And those positive moments from perfect strangers need to be cherished. They are gifts from your guardian angels...

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