Grunge Kitsch

Are Ya With Me?
Here in the Natti, it is still freezing, so I have to get in as many warmies as I can. Like my Kurt Cobain sweater and this thrifted hand-knit scarf I snagged yesterday. Still, even with Spring just around the corner, I will never let go of my black love affair. I embrace my dark side....
With a little kitsch on the side for dramatic cat lady effect ;)
tee,scarf,sweater: thrifted / skirt: Dot's / tights: Sears / belt: Target / hat:TJMaxx (clx)
boots? forever / bag: Banana Republic: thrifted / necklace:gift shop $5 bucks

See Ya Later!


Hi Guys and Dolls!
I found this kick-ass vintage 70's jacket while on my trip. Broken in just right. Soft as a baby's ass. The interior of a Mercedes Benz (if I'd ever been in one-but I bet it't this soft).

But you'll never guess what I found in the pocket....
I'll give you a hint:
No kidding! Straight out of the 70's. 
Possibly 40 years or more old. 
Somebody must have lost their coat at a party....
Their loss....
And I only paid 4 bucks for the lot!

 My life is so strange...
COAT: thrifted / silk skirt, hat,shirt,scarf, boots :thrifted

The Sweetest Thing

 Hiya Everyone!

I'm back from a trip to care for my Parents. It was full of wonderful, messy emotion. 
I watched as my Mom would sleep and envision all her dreams, the love she has in her 
heart and how beautiful she is.

My Dad, still the strong commanding fart he always had been, coupled with a noticeable fear I've never seen before - a vulnerability that was hidden from his daughter for many years.
I pretended not to notice...

All in all, It was a sacred time for me. Being there, from beginning to end. I savored the moments until I had to return home to recuperate. Though frustrated at times, especially when Mom wouldn't use "Junior", her new walker. Throughout this experience, all I can say is that life offers us so many opportunities to grow and rise to the occasion.
Isn't that the sweetest thing?
100% thrifted outfit (excluding tights,scarf)

Shirt tied as a vest


Have a sweet Monday!

I like big pictures and hitting next blog......

Does anyone else ever just hit "Next Blog" at the tippy-top of the page?
I do. It fun to see what other kinds of blogs there are out there. 
Just think, there are millions. Maybe billions!
I'm off to my parent's for the week, so have a great one!
See ya soon...
Big Hugs,

Honoring the Saint

I hope everyone has a big honkin' box of chocolates to binge on today!
Happy Saint Lovey-Dovey Day !

Rock your Blossoms!

 SWEATER: thrifted, Land's End - DRESS: Dot's - BOOTS: Banana Republic, HAT,LEGGINGS,GLASSES: thrifted

Hi everyone,
Another attempt to wrangle in the Spring Gods...
That's actually the sunrise behind me above! Insomnia does have benefits....
My dear Bella has inspired me to break out the florals. I love her so!
Also, thanks to everyone who is sending my parents good thoughts. 
It really means the world. For now, all is well. 

I have been really getting into the whole positive thinking route during this time. We watched "The Secret" and "Three Magic Words" today. Really, when all is said and done, today is all we have anyway. I believe I can change my thoughts and restart my day in a flash. Even though tough things happen in each of our lives, I believe our attitude can make or break us. So, today, Positive Thoughts and the power of Positive Flowers are fueling me! Rock The Blossoms!
big hugs,

Punxsuawny Prophecy

 Hi everybody!
This thrifted 'Dress Barn' 90's frilly was the perfect dress 
to summon Spring in a bit early.
Hey, Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow at all ;)

Tribal Snow Bunny

OVERSIZED CROP SWEATER; Goodwill from Target,new - SCARF; Walgreen's - SKATER DRESS; Dot's - 
BOOTS; Banana Republic

Fine as Wine....

thrifted tuxedo style jacket-a must!
Hi everyone!
As most of you guys know by now, my parent's aren't doing well. This weekend I spent most of my time snuggled up on the sofa, watching the snow fall. And, of course, thinking way too much. My Dad finally got oxygen, so that's a great thing.
Going from the child to the parent can be a challenge to say the least. So, my posts will probably be fewer for a while. I hope you can bear with me!
Then, hopefully someday you will reap the rewards of my wisdom and lunacy ;) 
Because there's something to be gained from both!

This outfit was pulled together after a few tears, a pep talk from the hub's for a much needed errand and grocery run. (The high-low top is a Sears UK French Connection).
So, for this week, I am fine as wine. Boy could I use some......
Big Hugs-

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