Bohemian Addict

An effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling.

A free instrumental composition in one extended movement.

Have you ever noticed how different outfit give you a different kind of "swag"?
Boho seems to give me a bit of swagger....
Happy Monday!
Sometimes an outfit just falls together all at the same time, same day, same store!
That's what happened with this outfit. I spotted the hat, then the vintage 80's dress, 
and ka-bam, the vest was just around the corner. A 'me' outfit... Boho and thrifted!
I found this version of Bohemian Rhapsody on u-tube last night and it rocks! 
Here's to a week full of rhapsody ;)


Sara said...

LOVE! That vest is outstanding..and what a fab frock! :D A lovely rhapsody, indeed.

Jean at said...

As a boho girl myself, I have to say this outfit is so, so good! The way you presented your photos is fabulous and entertaining. I'm slow with my blogging routine, but I've finally got you bookmarked and will be visiting more often!!

Love, Jean

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You find the coolest garments, Reva! This whole look is so much fun..made me smile!


Love it

Sal said...

Such a gorgeous print on that dress!

silvergirl said...

what a great maxi Reva and the price??? amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Pink Rocks the Queen! You're Rockin' the Boho!

pastcaring said...

Great frock, the waistcoat works so well with it. xxxx

Anonymous said...

I love the dress! The vest and the dress look so good together I almost assumed you bought them as a set! This look is just over-the-top GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Reva, thanks so much for visiting my art site! I would LOVE to send you a birthday present just because it would be fun! If you like it then you can head to the Etsy shop and order something for your hubby later if you want. E-mail me your address through my profile. There's a link to my e-mail there. Your e-mail link isn't working for me. ;)

The Style Crone said...

Reva, you are always an inspiration to me! The stars must have been aligned when you found this outfit in one space, and you are truly a rhapsody.

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