A Trip....

Hi all,
As I write this, I am off to my parents. My father has been hospitalized.
The first Cincy Blogger Bash was last night and I hear it was a big success! 
I had to miss it as I was stationed by the phone awaiting news. 
My Dad is stable, however my help is much needed. 

It's funny how 'real life' can hit you at any moment and make you question your priorities. I have been a bit 'on the fence' with regards to continuing my blog for a while now. I'm sure you've noticed my fewer posts ;) There are times when I am becoming unsure of the impact that my blogging is having on me. Am I losing my connection with the real world? Is it easier to have friends whom you have never given a true hug to? Easier to express myself in a glib, 'always a smile' way?

I'm really just not sure...
I do know I enjoy fashion. I really enjoy showing other women that you don't have to spend a fortune to look and feel great about yourself. I LOVE telling you that being you is more important than feeling like another cog in the wheel of conformity. However, while figuring out what to wear at the Bash (that I didn't even get to attend!), I was an insecure mess. I was a 47 year old woman who instead of celebrating her unique self, I was wondering in the back of my mind what other's would think of me. Yep, still human... Still flawed... How silly...

So, during the next week or two, being a Care-giver, a Daughter, a Lover, 
a real-life Woman - 
I will be reassessing my role as a blogger. I think I will come back renewed and recharged. Ready to keep doing this thing with style - a new purpose and possibly a new blog entirely.... or letting it go for awhile. I suppose time will tell.

Til then...
Big Hugs to you all :)

You Knew I'd Have to Try It.....

Happy Monday everybody!
Yep, I had to try this one out...
I really liked the concept and imagination behind the 'shirt-as-a-skirt' trend. Though it's not a Super Thought Involved Eureka kind of thing - 
pop on some jeans, open it up and wa-la, you've got grunge.
However, with that said, I like how it really does fit exactly like a skirt and the poofy sides look like pockets! I bet if you pinned it just right, pockets could happen... I tried really hard to make a bow with the sleeves, but I believe I'll need a super-long sleeved shirt for that... Plus a floral pattern would be nice for Spring!
I haven't forgotten about my animal print quest, however. 
More will be revealed!
OH! The dumbest thing I said last week was:
That I had been blogging for 3 years.

Well, ya don't count the year you started (as the hubs pointed out later), 
so I have been blogging for 2 years instead...
DUH !!!
( Nope, with age does not come wisdom... )
Though, I suddenly feel much younger. Hmm...
Shirt/skirt: AE,Hubby's - Jacket: Old Navy-thrifted - Hat: Rue21 -  Scarf: Rue21 - Bracelets/ring: Flea Mkt.
Earrings: Target, few years old - Boots: Banana Republic - Zipper brooch: JCPenny's - Vest: Sears
Here's to a kick-@ss week !


"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it 
is like wrapping a present and not giving it."

(William Arthur Ward)
   I'm still here, and sending a huge shout-out to those who have inspired my blog, and continue pushing me to keep on going. Who keep me interested in owning my personal style and sharing it! Those in this collage are by no means everyone who have been my guiding superstars, but today I say thanks to them and all who inspire, who make me think outside the box - to those INDIVIDUALS who are never part of a herd! (There are many and you know who you are ;)
   I am honored to be one of  the many over 40 bloggers out there who are showing the world that style and the art of fashion aren't attached to any specific age group.
Three years ago this month, I started Rags2Roses.
A huge thanks to everyone 
who has been on this journey with me. 
You guys really do rock!
So, Happy Turkey Day weekend. Here's to more style, fun and friendships :)

DIY Weekenders / Fun and Funky Wreaths

 Tis the season to think outside the box!
Greet your guests with style...
I love these DIY wreaths.
Use them all year long!
Vintage Tie Wreath
Tons of Buttons !
( You could use colorful or vintage ones )
Christmas Cards or Cloth            Wine Corks
Groovy Chandeliers over your table...
Ready to get creative this weekend?
Images: Good Housekeeping

Animal Prints Part 2 / As A Neutral

I've never been 
one to dictate 
the long or short
of skirts 
in reference to a woman's age.
If you rock it, 
If you feel great, 
do it to it!
Dark tights have become my pal 
with mini's ;)

This look is part 2 
of rethinking animal prints as a neutral...
Honestly red was easy. I am gonna venture out into more daring territory.
Send suggestions, please :)

Also when tights are paired with tall boots, mini's really rock!
back to the leopard...
I really dug mixing the plaid scarf and skirt.
How about florals and animal? - Brights? 
As my brain is churning I ask myself,  WWKD?
I wonder what I did with my zebra leggings? ;)

Diving In Full Blast!

A while ago, one of my answers to a " Tell Me About Yourself " award was 
that I really don't care all that much for animal prints. In small doses, OK...
( You know, scarves, hats, trimmings )
I still can't wrap my head around them being a neutral. 
So, this week I am gonna see how I can learn to appreciate them more.
So, as I was clearing out my closet, I ran across this thrifted whopper of a skirt. 
This is definitely not a small dose!

I remember that I'd originally planned on wearing it 
with a simple denim jacket and tee. 
But the colder weather changed my mind.
I'm actually excited to see what the week will hold!
( OH and my headband : an over-the-knee sock ;)
Here's to a growling week!
And a special shout-out to all my supportive friends out there...
You know who you are ;)
(I'll be calling you out soon)
 Love You!
Reva :)

Election Day

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers.
Francois Fenelon

Hi everyone,
While I was antiquing one day, I ran across a beautiful white wooden glass shadow box. Inside were perfectly pinned Military uniform patches, buttons and medals. I wondered who the mother was that lovingly placed those items there. Each one was aligned, shined and clearly displayed with care. I am really into authentic military pins to wear on my jackets right now. What caught my eye was the Grenade pin. How unique...

Now as I look at them, I think how sad...
Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come.
Carl Sandburg

This week we voted 
and this week we also honor our Veterans. 
A double-edged blade is a war. Peace and love 
go out to all who have seen war and also those who still suffer due to war. 
In remembrance...
May our Vets have peace.



Clothes make a statement.  Costumes tell a story.  
~Mason Cooley
Hi everybody!
Aren't these a hoot!
I have been sooo busy this past weekend! I am just now showing off my flapper outfit from last Monday. Baaad Blogger! The most fun about wearing this was that most of the stuff I already had in my closet. And who wouldn't want to be a flapper? Of course it all started with my desire for a cigarette holder. Again, baaad blogger... Then Lunapics created some crazy shots,too ;) Kind-of a freaky conjoined flapper.
Halloween for me is an event. A time honored tradition. The Christmas of Fall...
To be celebrated for days upon days...
It looks like I have a regular bottom half and split at the waist.
I wonder if a horror movie guy could use me?

Lady Ga Green didn't win the DIY or DIE contest on Chictopia :(
I'm so dissapointed, (I mean she is), but here she is for you guys!
She's not bitter...
Congrats to the winners, I suppose ;)
Outfits to resume asap :)

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