Bohemians Do It Thriftier...

Hi everyone!
It seems that so far this year, the thrift shops have been more bare than usual. That's when a thrifter pulls out all her tricks ;)  Getting up early to get the best stuff, digging through the piles most people walk on past, and filling the cart to the rim with 'maybes' so that no one might snag it up first! The employees hate to see me coming...
That's what happened with this dress. It  might have been a  bit too small on the top, 
but I grabbed it anyway. Yep, it was too small, but what about a high-waisted skirt??? 
The little ladies on it said "yes, buy me!" 
I wrapped a t-shirt vest as a top, tied and pinned it shut...
 This one will be a highly rotated bohemian piece for sure! 
DRESS AS SKIRT; thrifted
JACKET; GAP, thrifted / TOP; Sears / SHOES; Gabriel Bros. / STATEMENT NECKLACE; UC Hospital gift shop

Thrifting Rocks!
Sheila of Style Agent 909 saying "I told you so!" 
in her  thrifted floral pants!
Pop over and say Hi :)


Melanie said...

Great score on the dress with that beautiful pattern. I love how you wear this as a skirt and use your tied T-vest to fabulize the top.

grunge-queen said...

I've done that too, great idea! And I love the necklace. I can just see you with your cart abrimming with thrifty goodies - haven't done that for a long, long time!


I love, love that skirt, Reva, ahhhhhhh. Are they women in the print??

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love what you did with the dress and of course you styled it well as you always do...I LOVE THOSE SHOES! I went to Goodwill yesterday and took piles of clothes in the dressing room, but I think that you have to do that to find a GEM among them.

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I must take 50 items into the dressing room every time I go thrifting. The store ladies don't mind me, but the other people waiting for one of two dressing rooms aren't too fond of me.

Great score on that skirt! I love the pattern and the pleats.

Alex M said...

Another nice use for skirts or fabric that you like but that the piece is not your size, is to cut the skirt portion in half and make it into an apron.

Suvarna Gold said...

hi dear

your blog is gold
its full of inspiration!


Suvarna Gold said...

yes yes yes true haha

thx my dear

followed back

baju muslim said...

Great post,I really like your article

Carla Cee said...

great skirt <3


I love what you did here! The dress-turned-skirt looks awesome!

Sheila, Style Agent 909 said...

Reeva that dress/skirt is too cute! I would have been sold on the little ladies too. I'm always getting stuff that's too big or small, then I alter it.
So far the pickings have been good at my thrifting spots. Are you near Virgina? If so come on over my way and we can go shopping!
P.S. Thanks for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

I love the print on the skirt! It would look great with a purple top too. Also, admiring the shoes.

I agree that the thrifts can sometimes seem picked over...and you've offered some good tips here.

Thanks for introducing me to Sheila.

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