It's 8:30 pm. I forgot to pick up my prescriptions at Walgreen's. 
I've just talked to my Mom and Dad....
Damn, the car is out of gas.
God I'm hungry...
Do I just go in my PJ's and say screw it?

The out-the-door without PJ's outfit:
Black skirt or leggings
favorite tee
Denim jacket with a fun scarf
Sunglasses to cover puffy eyes
Pink lipstick and a hat to cover the dirty hat.
One less pajama clad person at Walgreen's.

(Lucinda Williams concert tee)


True Beauty

Hi everybody,
This week has been a doozy! I've been sick, my Dad is in hospital again, and today we have a bit of snow and the temp is currently in the 20's. Brrr.....
I think that most of us, especially at this time in our lives, can sometimes get so overwhelmed that it can be tough to decide which way to move next. That's when the blog family that we build can really be a great support and outlet for the moans and groans of growing up and transitioning into middle womanhood.
I've also heard that 'whining' isn't a cool thing to do in many blog circles. But I also know that  a great form of style can also be found in the way we handle crisis and adversity. We all go through stuff and I'm really glad to have a group of kick-ass chicks who are interested in more than just what I am wearing on a particular day. Who can relate. 
Who are also on the same life journey that I am. 
So, here's a big thanks, to all of you guys for just being there, and who give me 
the courage and grace to keep on rockin'. True beauties!

 I'm all bundled up and ready to chill out, so
Have a beautiful weekend!

Going Baroque / My new fave places to shop

This week I'd planned to share with you some cool places to find 'Middle of the Fashion Lane' style, (meaning not a teenage look, nor a conservative dated style). I always recommend looking for your stuff at thrift shops, but sometimes you just can't find what you're looking for. Here are a few places I've found where I can find youthful, decent, well priced looks...

1. Sears  Yep, times they are a'changin! They have a new line from French Connection called UK Style, very modern and priced right (I get it on sale). Also their latest Jr. addition, 'True Freedom', and the Kardashian collection (heavy on the price, but they go clearance quickly). These collections offer up to size 15Jr and XL. The Kardashian stuff is very roomy as well.

2. Gabriel Brothers  A mixed offering, but well worth the dig for cheap quality brands and bras are super cheap there. (Kind of a cheap TJMaxx/Marshall's)

3. JCPenny's  They don't have as large of a selection as they used to, but their ANA collections are very stylish and fits a wider range of sizes, plus I just got a Liz C. poncho for cheap!

4. Dot's  For cheap trends, this is your spot. Their online store sucks, but their walk-in locations are loaded. Just remember, verrry cheap stuff-fast fashion. Great selection of hats,scarves and accessories. Their plus section offers a good selection.

F21: best funky cheap leggings

Newport News Outlet: (online) great clearance, good quality, great quality leggings in their Shape FX line. Their faux leather is better quality as well.

Of course, we can't forget Target... but that's common knowledge!

( dress: Dot's$18.oo - wool hat, Newport News$7.50 - scarf: Gabriel Bros.$3.99 - flats, Goodwill$3.00 )
Cat-eye sunnies, $1.00 Gabriel Bros. sidewalk sale
cotton turtleneck: Sears 1/2 off (6.00 I think)
I hope that gave you some new places to check out.
Have a kick-ass weekend!

chunky and oversized

I really never lost my love of the over-sized sweater...
Worn with a floaty winter white skirt seems to balance out the bulk.
Add some 90's grunge mary janes and booyah...
2013 grunge(ish).....

Chillaxie Daisy

 sweater: Sears- leggings: Belk's - boots: F21(last year)
my new favorite pink lip 'stick' : wet n wild natural blend lip shimmer balm in 106
(certified natural products association )
An all-growed-up nourishing pink
Hi everybody!
We're back from a super-relaxing time in the Kentucky mountains. We spent time with family- laughing til we cried and crying til we laughed. It was a time of healing for us. A moment in this crazy life where we could just sit and breathe, bonding with nature. The hubby's parent's home is like a retreat with big white puffy towels and sleeping in, awakening to delicacies like home-made pancakes, real hand made candies and prime rib. But, the best parts were the love and laughter- plus all that nature. Thanks Mom and Dad ;)
Don't I look relaxie-taxie?
Here's to a kick-ass week!!!

Long and Bright

 skirt/jacket: Sears,clx. - scarf: Kroger - boots: thrifted - hat: Newport News
Hi all!
Learning to dress my body is getting easier. 
When I first got a bit larger, I wore black and over-sized ONLY...
Now, I am realizing it's all about where you put the color. The black top or jacket is a great boob/tummy color, while I let the long bright skirt give me length.
Maxi's are great for winter as well as summer. 
(You can hide a bunch of tights-sox-long john combos under there.)
Oddly hemmed sweaters and high-low tee are also becoming my friends.
Scarves have always been a staple, and now they have a function as well. I've read that scarves are a 'no-no' for bigger chest, but for me, they are kick-ass!
Well, that's my two cents on the way I'm re-learning how to dress myself...
(All subject to change at any time....)
I'll be off with family for the next few days, as we are just now celebrating the season of cheer. See ya next week, when I'll share a few shops where I have found some decent fitting stuff!
Big Hugs,

Hi all!
I hopped over to my favorite 'free' editor, Picmonkey, to use a couple (OK, a lot)- of their kick-ass tools. The really cool stuff isn't free anymore. I knew it. How long was I away, anyhow? So you pay your 5 bucks. What cha gonna do?

This is for you,Kasmira! Well, last week...
(remember to burn grey sweatshirt)

Oh, yeah, I got new glasses. Twice. It was under duress during the time my Mom was in the hospital, thus choosing the most funky, retro pair I could find. They weighed a ton, 
due to my heavy Rx. So, I changed them to the most practical pair ever...
The moral to this little story?
Don't make big purchases under the influence of alcohol,drugs,stress....

Hope everyone's week is going great!
I'm off to catch up on everyone and thanks for waiting for me!
Rock on...

Culture In Decline

Since I was a girl, I loved to play dress-up. Even at the county fair as seen here (lol).
My Mom even made me a pair of faux Levi's as a teen. 
We didn't realize that cutting off the tag and adding it to home-made jeans was a no-no.
As a teen, I always had to have the latest shoe, jeans, or whatever cereal had the most sugar.
I never questioned whether I needed it or just wanted it.
Could it be the endless bombardment of commercials I was targeted with during my Saturday cartoons?

Want and need were the same to me.
Even into adulthood.

Today, as our resources are being depleted for the 'I Need' society we have grown accustomed to, I have began to realize that I am a huge "I Needer". Since I have gained 25 lbs, thus having to buy new clothes, I found  that it isn't easy to find quality clothing at a reasonable price. (And these I do need!) -or do I?
 My thrift adventures had become thrift safari's.
(Thank God for leggings and stretchy jeans-not to mention elastic!)
I still buy second-hand when I can, but the pickins are slim. I am now happy to find a few good staples to wear and play with my overflow of accumulated accessories.
I now look at all the clothes I have accumulated and feel smothered and a bit ashamed. Did I really need 15 black tees?

The Zeitgeist Movement  ( which goes way beyond simple consumerism) and
The Culture In Decline series is a great place to find the answers to becoming a smart consumer and at the same time finding ways to create sustainability and still enjoy my love of fashion. (All available on U-Tube).
I chose Episode 3, as it really hit home with me and my consumerism.
Plus, this dude is so smart and cool...

Some of the answers for me are to 
1. Think before I buy. Just a few minutes can be the difference in owning a good quality garment or 4 pieces of cheap fast fashion. I am rarely F21's bitch anymore...
2. To pay attention to where the garments are made and what policies does that government have on protecting the environment and the global economy.
3. To get ideas from expensive catalogues and re-create the look with a) stuff I already have b) parooze thrift shops.

AND to take TheCitizenRosebud's ongoing  pledge:

Don't worry, this is still a style blog-
I do have a disclaimer: Some of the stuff you will see me wearing will definitely be from 'last season' and beyond 
(if it still fits!).
You will not see any scalloped shorts, nor neon body con dresses...

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