Decoration Day !

WW#40 is in full battle mode!!! This Memorial Day weekend, Weardrobe has been bombarded with photos and E-mails from your's truly ! I actually did make the featured photo area ( in a way ). I commented on how cute a kitty cat dress was, and my comment made it onto the page! And I commented twice on the same dress. ( It really was cute!) So, I'm almost there!!! I will be posting more tonight ( Monday ) around 10p.m. Cincinnati time, I think that's eastern time, not really sure, so if you are near your computer and feel the urge to support me in my efforts, log on and hit me! Remember, this may someday be you :), demanding her moment in the sun, her name in lights, her flash in the pan !!! Here is the photo by  honeybunnyinwonderland :

In her blog post, She didn't really like how "popular" the dress was. She added a collar from a thrifted item. I am actually gonna make a cat skirt this week, as it appears cat ladies are all the rage! Who knew we were all so damn trendy! I am a cat lady from birth ! Anyhoo, my outfit is alas, another playsuit! Though, I'd rather call them jumpers, or even rompers- and who knows- Rompers and Depends kind of go together , like Rompers and Diapers. I am due for some good old vintage outfits and maxi skirts. If you love vintage dresses and the coolest accessory collection ever, visit Vintage Vixen! She is my Girl Crush. I am trying to speak in a British accent now!  Well, enough rambling on! This weekend is an extra long one for Memorial Day. It will be thunderstorms all day , so I hope to do another Look Book. The last one was so much fun! Too bad the parades will be rained on (snicker!). I will be getting trench foot while bombarding Weardrobe tomorrow!

This was a sunny day with big clouds ever so often making photos kinda weird. I added a skinny studded belt to this jumper, and I think I like the wide ones better. A black tank underneath and brass earrings and an un-floppy hat were the trimmings. Plus my double happiness long pendant for luck, and a gold-toned cuff.

Big Yellow was fluttering around as well !

(This is what I do in my spare time.)
 Load up my computer with fun images and ideas for T-shirts!
Many images can be bought on, though I'd swear this is a photo I took of my Dad's cat!

And for Fun, I like to do photo images and vintage fashion images. 

I really don't think these look natural. Do you? ;)

Dehlia's and F21 Tees.
A couple images I played with. I hope to make T's out of them.

( Insert Your Blog Title or Business! )

And some really cool dresses from F21:
They should pay me commission! I really like their stuff, though a bit over-priced. It gives me ideas to thrift for! Like the second one and 3rd. This could be a skirt made into a dress! And #2, all u would need would be pockets and a bit of lace and elastic! The first one I may have to wait it out !

And, If you're looking, Ma, I love these shoes! Size 9 !!! Happy Birthday to me ;)

And I'm spent !!!
Happy Memorial Day, or as they say in KY, Happy Decoration Day! Summer begins and the amusement parks and swimming pools are officially open. Yipee!!!

* Reva *

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