A Trip....

Hi all,
As I write this, I am off to my parents. My father has been hospitalized.
The first Cincy Blogger Bash was last night and I hear it was a big success! 
I had to miss it as I was stationed by the phone awaiting news. 
My Dad is stable, however my help is much needed. 

It's funny how 'real life' can hit you at any moment and make you question your priorities. I have been a bit 'on the fence' with regards to continuing my blog for a while now. I'm sure you've noticed my fewer posts ;) There are times when I am becoming unsure of the impact that my blogging is having on me. Am I losing my connection with the real world? Is it easier to have friends whom you have never given a true hug to? Easier to express myself in a glib, 'always a smile' way?

I'm really just not sure...
I do know I enjoy fashion. I really enjoy showing other women that you don't have to spend a fortune to look and feel great about yourself. I LOVE telling you that being you is more important than feeling like another cog in the wheel of conformity. However, while figuring out what to wear at the Bash (that I didn't even get to attend!), I was an insecure mess. I was a 47 year old woman who instead of celebrating her unique self, I was wondering in the back of my mind what other's would think of me. Yep, still human... Still flawed... How silly...

So, during the next week or two, being a Care-giver, a Daughter, a Lover, 
a real-life Woman - 
I will be reassessing my role as a blogger. I think I will come back renewed and recharged. Ready to keep doing this thing with style - a new purpose and possibly a new blog entirely.... or letting it go for awhile. I suppose time will tell.

Til then...
Big Hugs to you all :)

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