The Simple Six

Well, folks, Spring is once again upon us...
New trends, new blogs, and a fresh new peek into what I've learned during my bloggy year(s)! 
In the first year, I did about 3 posts on stuff I'd learned, now I'm pretty sure these tried 
and true things are a winning plan for any blogger to have a fun, successful experience. 
Throughout the time I've spent blogging, these 6 things keep showing up over and over.
They are so simple, yet sometimes really tough to do, but here is my recipe for building 
the best blog out there in 6 easy steps.
1)Be Yourself!
I can't express this enough. We all know when someone is full of crap! Be honest. If you need a break, take one. Putting on a false sense of joy is too hard and your blog will suffer for it.
With that said, if a good 'vent' is the topic of the day, - go for it! 
We all love to back a team-mate.

2) Get involved. Participate. 
Who knows you're here if you don't tell them?
3) Be original and take clear, honest photos. 
If you're a smiler, smile :) If you're a great poser, 
pose your ass off ;)
4) Make your blog easy to look at
(Keep her clean and fresh) - my biggest problem struggle.
Stay on point and try to be brief. I know I have the attention span of a gnat.
(Time yourself. 3 minutes is about as long 
as anyone can give to one blog.)
Put your best photo first for non-readers.
5) Have fun! Be creative and thoughtful of others.
6) Forget about the numbers! Many super-successful blogs have small 'follower' numbers, but have tons of hits per day. With Twitter and Facebook links available now, the sky's the limit!

This is a very simple, yet effective blog plan. 
It is meant for the sole purpose of enjoying your blog, not having it feel like a job.
As 'plans' go, however, once in a while you must pitch it and go another route. 
AKA-follow your heart...

This may seem incredibly simple, but shouldn't your passion be fun and easy?
There are a few technical things to watch out for, like turning off the word verification,etc., but you guys already know those...
(These are the expressed opinions of Retro Reva 
and are not meant to be a permanent solution to blog-itis or blog burnout...)
ATTIRE: Blouse: Land's End, thrifted / Dress: Mine,Old,80's / Cardigan: TheWPlace / Boots: Target,clx.
PS, today is the last day to enter the give-a-way!
Ends tonight (Wednesday) at midnight.


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Great tips, and I LOVE the new header! It's perfect for your blog.

Melanie said...

I like your tips and will definitely try to keep them in mind. Your photos are fantastic with that clean light, and your pattern mixing today is ON.


You got it perfect,glorious Reva.

Bella Q said...

I think you hit the nail on the head when you said: shouldn't your passion be fun and easy?" Well put, dear Reeves, and a good reminder. the Citizen Rosebud

365beautywishes said...

You are awesome!!!followed...
If you would check my and follow it back, that would make my day!!!


Forest City Fashionista said...

Really like the new header! Great tips, all of them true, but so simple we often overlook them. Scrumptious outfit you've got going on there girl!

Anonymous said...

Very sound've captured me with the gorgeous photo and the florals are such a great contrast with the plaid!

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