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Summer in a JCPenney dress / Perfect!

Hi Everybody!
I played hookey last week. It was a rainy, stormy week, so I did indoor stuff. 
I am wearing another JCPenney find. I actually ordered it during the Spring. The pattern and colors were a bit different so I went for it. I usually NEVER order dresses, as my boobs have a universe all their own, but since there is a real store nearby, I did it. Very satisfied I must say!

This dress was very well priced. What caught my eye was pretty much everything. Keyhole neckline, a back cut-out which still covers a real bra, (of course, I forgot to photograph it), color, waistline in a more natural cut, (not too high) and high-end stretch cotton. The brighter colors and 'mirror' effect pattern brought it into the world of  modern without making it too trendy. This dress will go far. I see flip-flops to layers and boots. a chunky cardi, perhaps? We'll see!
Dress: JCPenney // Hat: Target // Sunnies // retail shop // Necklace: Sears  // boots: Banana Republic
The dress was only 35.00 . 
I also planted my flowers for the season. Truthfully, I really dislike Summer. UNLESS, I am on my way to the beach. During the super high temps. I am an air conditioned kind of gal. I was sweating profusely here. Your welcome...
I will try to go with the flow. 
Little red leaves dancing around in my dreams...
 Here's to a great week!

A Woman and her Car

Hi Everyone!!!
Someday, perhaps, in a different time - a different blog - another day, 
I might just get a post out by noon....
That's my new goal. Soon.

When I turned 16, (which was on a Friday), I was behind the wheel that night. My 76 T-bird was filled to the rim with girls laughing, talking smack about boys and re-applying our lip-gloss. We were headed for the drive-in. I've never looked back. Mom swears she didn't see me for at least 2 years.

My Mom always told me she'd never, ever be without a car. It was her source of freedom. Her way of dealing with the hardships of motherhood, a job and marriage, I suppose. 
I think she felt she always had an option sitting in the driveway... 
For me, I saw my car as a source of fun. A way to be in charge of my nightly destiny. 
Of course I've had a few wrecks and lots of speeding tickets.

However, as I have aged, I see my car as a necessity. It will always be a 'way out', like it was for my Mom, but I see it more as proof of my independence. I have grown very adept at taking car photos without even crossing the yellow line. I can also eat, put on make-up, dig out my CD's from the backseat, and have a deep conversation while applying lotion to my legs. Is it safe? Nope. But I still feel a bit of control when I get behind that wheel. And, I'm a very good driver...
Here is proof:
Do you also have a love affair with your driver's license? 
Off to hit The Citizen Rosebud's shoe shine!
Reva :)

Tonight's the Night / Bye, Bye Google Reader....

Hi Everybody!!!
Still like fashion on the cheap?
Living a creative, empowered life?
Watching a generation of mid-life women blossom?
and flounder ;)
 Grow more beautiful while still navigating life? 
Defying the 'rules' on a daily basis while being a funky bad-ass?
And all while having hot flashes???
Tonight's the night!
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From Overalls to Formals, The Senior Prom at 49!

OK, That's out of the way...
Hi peeps!
I'm back in Cincy after a great trip. On my birthday, I escorted my Mom to the Senior Prom. It was an honor. She had never been to a prom, so I hope we did it up right! I was going to spike the punch, but decided it may screw up everyone's meds...
 As most of you know, both my Parent's have been struggling with many health issues. I never expected my Mom to walk again after her last stroke, but with a huge community of helpers and much work on her part, she walked into the prom all by herself! She was so excited to go and there was no other place on earth I would rather have spent my birthday. She was my official prom queen. Of course, there had to be corsages ;) 
 And lots of laughs!
The event was hosted by the Medco Senior Center, Morganfield, Ky. 
A live bluegrass band, orange punch, great eats and lots of love!
This is one of the reasons Mom is doing so well. My dear friend, S,  who works at the Senior facility Mom stayed at. We grew up together and throughout this experience, we have been reunited. She has continued to do therapy with Mom even after she was sent home. It has made all the difference. If ya don't use it....
And, She was rockin' her prom dress!
I chose a dress my Mom really liked. Since it was her day, I dismissed my original attire, which consisted of a vintage hat, pearls... (You get the idea). She chose a lace top and watercolor skirt. We both were pretty coordinated. My corsage was a wrist one, but it broke before I could wear it, so it got pinned on. Better for photos anyway! Yes, I lugged my giant camera bag with me. I gotta do something about that...
Dress: Goody's // Shoes: Gabriel Bros. both retail/on sale
 It was freaking HOT that day!!! I was sweating glistening like a pig. 
Though, do they sweat glisten? I've never seen it...

The festivities:
From Formals to Overalls! My kind of party!
All the ladies were beautiful....
We were home by midnight. Well, actually 5:30pm...
                                             (Prom Queen and King above)
Thanks Mom. For having me. For loving me.
Have a loving weekend everyone!
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