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My name is Reva. I started fashion blogging in my forties after feeling that women of a 'certain age' aren't seen as stylish. I live in Cincinnati Ohio, US. I am a former Kentucky 'Coal Miner's Daughter' from a tiny town who always felt a bit different. I am a liberal animal lover, a lover of all forms of art and self-expression  and a woman on a mission...
What that is changes daily.

Retro Reva,
thrift store junkie
Cincinnati OH
over 40 style blogger, bargain hunter
header/widget maker
vintage/pre-loved clothing seller
ameature photographer & budding rock star...

Back Story:
I moved to the 'big' city, where I've worked in small shops, been a nanny, and eventually became an addiction counselor. I left there in my late 30's to work for Sears, but soon decided my love of art, fashion and photography were calling me elsewhere. I am now an amerature photographer and web designerwho has been published, with high hopes of making it "big" by 50!

I'm a thrift-store junkie who believes that regardless of age, purse size, or dress size, we can all share our passions with each other. I am very eclectic. I never pay retail for anything. I love to dress up or down - I believe fashion should be fun!  

I normally shoot my photos with a Canon Rebel XSI-DSLR, 
and a small Kodak C143 lives in my bag.
I use a tri-pod and remote for personal style shots.

Oh, yeah...
And I wanna be a rockstar ;)

Feature: the Style Sample
also featured in:The Huffington Post
Streets & People Magazine
Model for Marketplace of India Winter/2012
Lookbook NU

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