This give-away is for all my followers for their support and kind comments. I've thought about how to do this all week and didn't want this to be a hoop jumping kind of thing. So, I came up with several ways to win.
My current followers will automatically get 1 point. If you stop by and tell me what you love about Summer, you get another. Now, as some will desire this more than others, here are ways to collect more points!  If you decide to follow my blog, you will get 6 points. If you post this on your blog,with a link you will get another 5 points.
If you post it to your side-bar, you will get 5 points. So, you could have as many as 18 points in the drawing.

Sound Fair ?

A little something for everyone !

1. Current followers: 1 pt.
2.  Stop by and tell me what you love about Summer: 1 pt.
3. Put this give-away in a post with a link: 5 pts.
4. Post to your side-bar w/link : 5 pts.
5. Become a follower of this blog : 6 pts.

Give-Away starts this Friday and ends May 9th.

* A Custom T shirt with your blog title on it !
*A hoot-owl Tote Bag from Claire's Boutique.
* A white distressed belt for summer.
* Nail Polish in 'Under the Sea' turquoise.
* A Vintage inspired bandana/kerchief.
*Turquoise floral earrings to match your new polish.
* Boho inspired Earrings from Claire's.
* Gold-tone puffy-heart dangle earrings.
* Super - long dangle Boho earrings.
* Necklace with clear plastic baubles on a chain.
* A special Surprise gift from Forever 21 !

For the past couple days this has been my harsh activity. Reading, Sunning and trying to avoid getting UV on my face, plus planning my new flower bed. It's still a work in progress. I'm still pondering on it ;) 

While looking through my journal, I came across some wish pages. It's hard for me to not post an outfit, but I have been wearing boxers with Tropical drinks on them and a black tank for no-show gardening.

These pretty much sum up my style, with the exception of white jeans and pale,sheer neutrals. Also, a pair of tan oxfords I am still looking for in thrift shops!



This swim suit is so cute from Newport News. Each piece is only $8.99! Too bad I don't need one.

Some yummy shoes to parooze ! All from Newport News.
Their stuff is not for "old ladies". It is pretty hip and good quality. They also have leggings that are really cool.
In my opinion, their stuff is trendy, but not over-the-top.

This may be my favorite part of summer. The bliss of nature! My Bitty-Bitty is a house cat, and I have been letting her go outside with me lately. She absolutely loves it, and at 18, she deserves some summer bliss!
A flea treatment is a small price to pay to see her so happy! Her first day out, I "lost" her for a few seconds. When I called her, she came bounding off the "hill" behind our house, all purry and her feet were COVERED with mud! That was an adventure for both of us. She did not like getting her feet scrubbed! She did get her pedicure after all ! I hope you all have a blissful weekend !!!
* Reva *


Today is a beautiful day in Cinti. The wind is blowing yet it's warm. The skies are light blue with soft clouds floating by. It so reminds me of Hilton Head Island . I am hurrying to get into some shorts and get some light rays on my legs. This skirt I ordered from Newport News back in the early Spring. I always order too large and have to take them in. Ya think I'd learn! My necklace is another beauty from FENNOFashion called "Mirror, Mirror". I love it ! Gotta book ! I will be announcing my give-away on Friday! Yipee !

Hat: K-Mart.

My Boo getting all muddy ! She has mad face !

VINTAGE VIXEN, I've got a Secret !

Today's outfit is pretty simple. I like to mix florals and stripes, but I have a secret !

Underneath the lacey top and humble skirt is a sexy vixen! Just Kidding! I have been seeing so many younger ladies sporting the over-the-knee socks with crotch scraping mini's. I LOVE the look, but as a "saged" woman, it would fall into creepy territory if I wore them. Ahh.. If only I were 20 yrs. younger.........
So, I hid them beneath a longer skirt. If I bend over too far, my Hubs gets a peek without displaying my inner sex kitten to the general public. I really missed out by wearing 80's power fashion in my twenties. My tops were over-sized and buttoned up to the top of my neck with leggings covering my gams. My skin only saw daylight in the hottest parts of August! What was I thinking? Being driven by baggy oversized styles. So to all the young leg showing hotties, Go for It !!! You're only young for so long ! If I were in my 20's again, I'd probably go nude ! ;) Also, if I ever wear these again, the bow will have to go!

I sported my favorite Vintage purse as well. I didn't realize how dirty it was til I saw a close-up photo of it!
I'm not even sure what decade this is from. The handles say late 60's, but the rosettes say older.

I'm not sure how to clean the rosettes without destroying them. Any tips ?

 I also wore a watch my Husband gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I love the cameo's and ladies etched into the band. It was hand-made. He's so thoughtful <3

 I am preparing for my very first photo shoot soon and am so excited ! More will be revealed............
I am a bit nervous, but know that it will turn out well as long as I stay humble and connected . My goal is to practice, practice, practice ! ( I won't be the model, I'll be the photographer ). It will be nice to be behind the lens instead of running to pose within 10 seconds and hoping for a good shot ! ( not that I'm complaining ;)
I no longer need to join a gym, as the running and posing are a work-out. Maybe I should invent the Tri-pod Posing Fitness Program ! 

My Outfit: Top: Sears,clx.- Skirt: Old Navy,thrifted.- Socks: Lollipops, Sears. Necklace,thrifted. Boots: Covington, Sears. ( I used to work there ) Earrings: Target,clx. Diet Orange Pop: Kroger's, Yum.

FENNOFashion Necklace and DIY Napkin Skirt

 This post is a two-fold post. First I want to share the coolest necklace I got from Megan of FENNOfashion ,  Cincinnati. This necklace was a must-have because of the sewing machine on it! Her creations are awesome, and beautifully made. She is also an awesome lady as well! Her jewelry designs are vintage inspired, and classic keepsakes to treasure. She re-makes and up-cycles vintage pieces as well as her own clothing line!
Her personality shines as brightly as her gems! Her website is linked above. 

Part two is this skirt I made out of thrifted cloth napkins. I stitched them together, added elastic and did a paper-bag waist. The napkins are already hemmed. So simple to make! I like the colorful stripes and seersucker material. I usually don't go this short until August, but what the heck! Thank goodness for self-tanner.

 The black Danskin leotard top is from Wal-mart, for $3.00. The shoes also from the W place.
 I forgot to snap my earrings, silver vintage looking cameos from Big Lots.
Red belt, Target.

 I love sun blotches! It seems like I haven't seen the sun in months!

Here's to a great week !

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