[ri-zolv]  verb, re·solved, re·solv·ing,noun.
verb (used with object)
to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine 
(to do something): 
I have resolved that I shall live to the full.

Hi everyone!
I have missed you all. This past 6 months has been a tough one...
Illness has befriended myself as well as my parents. I admit, the sofa and the highway had become my best friend.
Then, I learned I had a thyroid imbalance. So, after a bunch of little blue pills, I am getting better. I have a new (to me) exercise bike- the neighbors had put it to the curb! How dare they?
So, anyhoo- I am ready to get back into taking photos and reconnecting with you all. I am traveling back and forth to my parents a lot, but have resolved to regain a sense of creativity. To show you how I now dress my new body and heal my overworked mind.
Thanks for all your support throughout the past months. So onward and upward! It's just another chapter in a full 40 something's life.......

Here's to a fantastic life, no matter what comes our way!

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I'm Back

Hi everyone!
A quick note to say I'm back and share the beauty of Kentucky with ya. We had a great time and tomorrow is my 'official' Birthday, which will consist of shopping, a movie and something yummy in my tummy! Thanks for all the well-wishes and a big Happy Birthday to all my June blog babies out there! Regular posts to resume mid-week. Have a great Monday!
Huge Hugs,

Creamy White

Happy Monday Everybody!
This sweater always makes me want to twirl...
By the time you see this, 
I will be on my way to Cumberland Falls 
for a pre-birthday celebration!
See you in a couple days :)

Summer Layers / Summer Deals

Happy Friday!
This outfit is finally welcoming summer. I like to wear dresses, but the dress just seems to have less imagination in the summer without layers and such. 
So, when I can do a summer layer, I go for it!
Not that there's anything wrong with a pretty dress,
 like the one I just won from Pam's eShtaki giveaway!
I can't wait to show it to you!
I also found the perfect summer pink lipstick without looking too bubble-gummy. The more grown-up shade is by Wet n Wild #511B at only $1.99!
Last but not least!
My Gain is Your Gain...
I have so many clothes that don't fit me right now, 
and instead of them taking up much-needed room in my closet, 
I am offering them to you before I consign them!
Here's how it works:
place your bid via email at
or just pay the asking price if you want it asap!
The price does not include postage, but if interested, I will send you the postage costs before you decide. I am also willing to negotiate shipping costs.
Here are but a few of the goods so far...

Ralph Lauren floral maxi dress sz.12                        fancy graphic halter-style 
                          $8.00 new                                                        tunic,sz M $8.00 new

Satiny sleeveless top new with elastic bottom                     Leopard 100%silk sheer high collarwith long ribbin decor sz L $5.00                    sheer skirt sz L                                         

2 balloon hem spaghetti strap cotton tops - JCPenny's worn once, one new
sz L $6.00 each or 2 for 10

black floaty sheer dress, angle hem                         Small  GAP mini bag with
tulle covered, size M/L worn twice $5.00                                               chain, great for date night 
I will take first-come, first serve 
and highest bid over asking price.
Help me clear out my closets!

A Perfect Jean

You don't see me in jeans much. That's because I have a hard time finding jeans that fit.
I had looked almost everywhere for these jeans!
 You know, the kind with the above-the ankle slight flair?
They kick ass with heels!
They ride high enough to show off your strappys...
I'm not sure why I was attracted to the  look. 
Maybe because it's so wrong, it's right?
I finally thrifted these American Eagles, and as a bonus, 
a tee from Istanbul, with Turkey spelled Turkiye'.
Go thrift shops!

Summer in Black

The weather in the mid-western US has been absolutely perfect! 
Since the temps have dropped to the high 60's/low 70's,
With lots of summer brights 
and sheer pieces floating around,
I have suddenly been drawn to more basic pieces lately. 
So this cool season is giving me a chance to layer with black again. 
(For A few minutes, anyway)
Black is also the best backdrop for tons of accessories;)
I've also been jogging! YaY! The weather is perfect for it 
and I feel great doing something to make myself healthy.
I am finally working toward my goal to be 
"The Best Me I can Be" by 50!
TAN TUNIC,thrifted / BLACK SKIRT,Mossimo,thrifted / BOOTS,thrifted  
BAUBLES,various / HAT, Dot's
Here's to cool, healthy days!

"Told Ya So Tuesday" / thrifted wide-leg floral pants

The trend: roll-cuffed wide-leg patterned/floral pants
The store: St. Vincent DePaul
The cost: $3.99
How I styled them:
I wanted the pants to be the main focus, so I decided to keep it simple. 
I added a thrifted cream cropped sweater, a few long necklaces, 
and my go-to Nine West pointy toe strappy pumps.
To keep the cuff from falling, I used safety pins!
I want the cuff to look a bit sloppy and not too 'done'.
Adding an on-trend hat seemed to make the outfit more groovy...

Different Examples to look for...
More thrifted trends next Tuesday!
What trends have you thrifted lately?
A Special Message for Pam:
I am feeling great since I started walking and I even jogged yesterday! 
Here's to feeling much better :)

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