Rain Dance

As I was looking through my photos, I realized I haven't posted all the outfits from my trip back home! This day was a rainy, soggy mess. So what to do but dance in it! Plus my Dad would be so proud to see his truck on a blog, if he knew what one was ;) This skirt is really linen, but looks like denim, so see what makes you happy! These boots have become my favorite pair of footwear, no holds barred! I always get a compliment on them, Bonus, and could wear them with every outfit I own. But that might get a little boring. Plus, they were thrifted! I know some people won't buy "pre-owned" shoes, but a little bleach gets the cooties right out ;)  By the By, do you see a critter underneath the truck? I didn't know he was there. It's Spike!

These remaining photos are for Someonelikeyou, a darling blogger. Check out her terrific style!
Tee, Hee !
Skirt: Banana Republic,thrifted - Vest,thrifted - Hat:Totes - Scarf: Targei' - Earrings: Targei' - Bag, Friggin Walgreen's!, Bracelets: Penny's. Boots: Mia,thrifted .

Old Gap Floral

Remember when the Gap, the Limited and Liz Claiborne were into the vintage floral prints? Usually with roses ? I'm guessing the early to mid 90's? I loved em'! This top is a Gap, thrifted of course, and seems to fit the current floral frenzy, plus I just really like it! Paired with a boho skirt and cloth China flats, It fits my super-hero status as Eclectia. I added a vintage necklace and self-made earrings. Wa-La! I left the bottom 2 buttons undone, to show a little sexy! Peek-A-Boo! I hear yellow is the "it" color of this summer, so my earrings match the trendies! Plus there's a yellow rose in here somewhere!
 Sorry for the blurry images. It was getting dark and my cheapo was the only cammy with charged batteries!
I like the way the top is cropped. I had on a belt, but it was too much!
Could this be the "Magic Shot"???? ;)
I flippin love this top!
Can you tell ?
Oh Yeah, and I tried the runway inspired messy big hair tutorial on Kathryn's blog, though I had to edit it a bit. I didn't have the squishy bun mold, so I cut up an old loofa to make one with. I also need more zig-zag bands, but the tutorial is great and so easy! Thanks, Kathryn! Just click on the photo to see it !
Ignore the puffy stomach stance ;) I wasn't in my "blog-pose"!

Simple and Flowy Summer

I love the essence of this outfit. Simple, flowy and summery, without baring a lot of skin. The sheer top paired with a thrifted Limited skirt reminds me of Vacation wear. Usually I am a walking sunburn, and need sleeves to ward off the evening chills. I added a pop of cherry red lipstick for good measure! The leather mules are a favorite of mine. I broke them while at my parent's. Walked right out of them, but my Dad and his super-glue can fix anything!!! I also liked mixing dots with a demure floral. Thanks, blogdonia ! Keeping me thinking like a blogger at all times ;) Sometimes to the point of insanity !!! I even started to think this look was too boring for a post! Get a grip !!! That reminds me, Dot's is holding a tank for me!
Top: TJMaxx, past seasons, Skirt: Limited,thrifted, Fitted tank: Sears, Mules: Burlington Coat Factory
I popped a lot, to secure the flowy-ness!
This may be the winning WW#40 shot ! Wish me luck ;)
This outfit would look good with killer chunky heels, but the primary word is killer!
See Ya!!! Gotta go pick up my 3 dollar tank!
Have a terrific week!

Cincinnati Street Style !

Oh what a Night ! Cincinnati has style out the wazoo! I attended a Fashion show, thanks to the awesome Kasmira, of What I Wore Today, The Queen of The Queen City Fashion world!  The show was A Red, Pink and Blue event celebrating women's health, with Red, for Heart Health, Pink, for Breast Health and Blue, for Diabetes. CincyChic, the leading women's forum in Cincy,was a sponsor, as well as many local vendor's and Heath care agencies. I actually talked my husband into going with me, and he had a great time, too!

I gotta admit, I was really nervous meeting Kasmira for the first time (in person) and told my Hubs to poke me if I gushed too much. He was no help whatsoever. Kasmira's honey was a delight as well ! I worried about what to wear for such meeting, but decided to go with my Bohemian style, as I feel most comfy in this type of stuff. Kasmira was a vision, in the perfect blue vintage sundress. If you think she's gorgeous on her blog, she's even more lovely in person. Hopefully I didn't gush too much!!! In the lead photo, we are doing our runway strut! I can't believe I forgot to get a shot of her shoes!

I did manage to get some Cincy Street styles before the show, so I hope you enjoy! Grab some pop-corn ;)
As we arrived, you could see the tents for miles. This is the Purple People Bridge, a walking bridge. That's where the show was. The model's strutted the bridge. What a long walk in heels!!! And I swear it's purple.
Everyone was so nice and willing to let me get a shot of them. Thanks lovlies!
The attire was summer , laid-back chic! I absolutely loved this guy's outfit. Perfection !!!

Plenty of drinks and dancing! This couple was awesome!
Meeting my Blog-donia Idol:
Jewelery was provided by Serket Jewery.
I flipped for these turquoise pieces, which were very lovely on the models.
As a belated B-day gift, Hubs bought me a pair of gigantic earrings, Kinda celtic and boho. You'll see em' soon!
The first appearance of my Hubs. Take a bow, honey! I pinned my beret with sequined flower pins. He shaved ;)
There were a lot of sculptures, and at any Cincy event ya gotta have some pigs!
This gorgeous sculpture was only $ 6800.00! Yikes!
Now for the show! Which was inspired by the "Sex and the City 2" Movie !
My Favorite, A breezy chiffon dress with studded belt and killer chunky heels.
Kinda sweet meets bad-ass!
Fashions by: ALK FASHION.

The finale. However, the true vision were the survivor's and their stories.
This little fashionista in waiting was a cutie!
My shoes ;)
Afterwards, a fireworks display over the Ohio River! The shots are bad, but it's really hard to hold a cammy during fireworks!
We ended the evening at Johnny Rocket's. Banana and Strawberry milkshake highly recommend !

Thanks again to Kasmira, of What I Wore Today for the tickets. We had a blast !!!

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