Hi everybody,
Hope the week is treating you great so far...
  I don't have a whole lot to say today other than I am learning what 'fits' my style without compromising it. I know how much everyone hates to hear about body insecurity, but.....
Lately I'm dealing with major body image issues. I don't feel good about my body. Period. 
I feel warped - out of sync... 
  This usually passes. I suppose that's where wisdom comes in. Everything passes in time and when I am feeling something is 'off', it usually comes from pride, ego or self-esteem issues. Comparing, instead of celebrating the differences between us all. Do you ever have one of those days (weeks)? How do you change your mindset? Please share :)
Maybe it's time to elevate the old serotonin by getting out the Zumba ;)
Happy Hump Day!


Anonymous said...

Do you remember last fall when I disappeared from the blogosphere for nearly 3 months? I had many reasons, but one was a photo that was taken of me at my daughter's wedding...seriously traumatizing. Recently I posted a photo that I thought better of later...Once it was online, I saw something about it I didn't like. I left it...because I think it is important to be real and to let those changes SHOW.

pastcaring said...

I think most of us have days/periods when we just feel a bit bleugh, for all sorts of reasons. Can't find quite the right look, something doesn't quite fit right, photos not looking as we want, etc. I get those times.
Positive comments from lovely fellow bloggers help! And as you say, we can use our experience that those feelings/thoughts usually pass, and are often attached to some other confidence issue rather than solely being about body image.
You look great, your style is always eclectic and cool and inspiring, and you always seem full of energy and creativity - however you're feeling on the inside!
I am trying to take inspiration from other women whose style I admire, rather than falling into the trap of comparing myself (and feeling that I come up short.) We've ALL got it - we just need to flaunt it! xxxx

Bella Q said...

You look so great and svelte to me- but I get that one can feel "off" even if they look good. I do feel very frustrated with my middle aging- the bags, the wrinkles and the middle! Agggh! I see all you skinnies looking so thin and svelte and feel like such a chunk some times. But I still rock the style and that's what its all about. Good reminder that the feeling of feeling shitty pass- it always does and hope yours does asap! xo. Bella q

Style Agent 909 said...

I know how it is to feel "off". That definitely happens to me now and then especially when I see super thin models in magazines.
Sometimes things aren't just in our minds but really are issues. Mine was my breastestses. I had to get a reduction because they were just tooooo big! Now I'm much happier and would do it all over again if I to.
For what it's worth, I think you look great!

Kitty said...

Sometimes I take extra time while I am running errands and just sit (usually in my car in a parking lot) and people watch. I am about your age and our body shapes are very similar. I feel like that is why I get frustrated, because if it wasn't for the tummy, I could feel confident in anything!

But, after I watch people for fifteen minutes I again feel grateful for my health and beauty. My tummy and boobs limit some of my wardrobe choices. But it could be SO MUCH worse! At least I am able to jump out of my car and move to the door of the grocery store with energy and a positive outlook! So many women our age are really suffering from poor health!

Melanie said...

Oh dear, I guess this is something we ALL struggle with sometimes. Usually my sketches tell me when a bout is coming on - nothing seems right. So I draw a force field around me in bright colours. Does it help? I don't know, but it's Something, it's armour. I see in your latest post you are back to speed - you look fab-u-lous!!! Love that red bag. Even here, knowing how you're feeling, you still manage to be radiant!

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