Summer in a JCPenney dress / Perfect!

Hi Everybody!
I played hookey last week. It was a rainy, stormy week, so I did indoor stuff. 
I am wearing another JCPenney find. I actually ordered it during the Spring. The pattern and colors were a bit different so I went for it. I usually NEVER order dresses, as my boobs have a universe all their own, but since there is a real store nearby, I did it. Very satisfied I must say!

This dress was very well priced. What caught my eye was pretty much everything. Keyhole neckline, a back cut-out which still covers a real bra, (of course, I forgot to photograph it), color, waistline in a more natural cut, (not too high) and high-end stretch cotton. The brighter colors and 'mirror' effect pattern brought it into the world of  modern without making it too trendy. This dress will go far. I see flip-flops to layers and boots. a chunky cardi, perhaps? We'll see!
Dress: JCPenney // Hat: Target // Sunnies // retail shop // Necklace: Sears  // boots: Banana Republic
The dress was only 35.00 . 
I also planted my flowers for the season. Truthfully, I really dislike Summer. UNLESS, I am on my way to the beach. During the super high temps. I am an air conditioned kind of gal. I was sweating profusely here. Your welcome...
I will try to go with the flow. 
Little red leaves dancing around in my dreams...
 Here's to a great week!

A Woman and her Car

Hi Everyone!!!
Someday, perhaps, in a different time - a different blog - another day, 
I might just get a post out by noon....
That's my new goal. Soon.

When I turned 16, (which was on a Friday), I was behind the wheel that night. My 76 T-bird was filled to the rim with girls laughing, talking smack about boys and re-applying our lip-gloss. We were headed for the drive-in. I've never looked back. Mom swears she didn't see me for at least 2 years.

My Mom always told me she'd never, ever be without a car. It was her source of freedom. Her way of dealing with the hardships of motherhood, a job and marriage, I suppose. 
I think she felt she always had an option sitting in the driveway... 
For me, I saw my car as a source of fun. A way to be in charge of my nightly destiny. 
Of course I've had a few wrecks and lots of speeding tickets.

However, as I have aged, I see my car as a necessity. It will always be a 'way out', like it was for my Mom, but I see it more as proof of my independence. I have grown very adept at taking car photos without even crossing the yellow line. I can also eat, put on make-up, dig out my CD's from the backseat, and have a deep conversation while applying lotion to my legs. Is it safe? Nope. But I still feel a bit of control when I get behind that wheel. And, I'm a very good driver...
Here is proof:
Do you also have a love affair with your driver's license? 
Off to hit The Citizen Rosebud's shoe shine!
Reva :)

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