Liberty of London Dress as Skirt

I have been in a simple (r) mood as of late. Minimal accessories, less poofy hair (as you can clearly tell ;). When I saw this Liberty of London dress at my Goodwill (gasp), I had to have her. The only problem was she is an XS, and wouldn't fit my boobs, so as I shimmied her on anyway, ( Light-bulb ) , a skirt. So here is her debut. I just tucked the straps in. She will be donning boots and a chunky sweater later this season :) Honestly, I wondered what all the fuss was about when Target debuted the Liberty of London collection, but now I see how lovely the prints are, and a nice quality as well. There were 2 tops there, but I let someone else have a "designer" label as well ;) ~ I simpled it down with a T , studs, and only 2 chains of beads, a record for me. Honestly, the hair looked better in person , but we all know how mirrors will lie :)

I edited it out, but there was a dead bird right in front of my feet. He must have blatted into the fence, poor thing . Of course, I clomped all over him before noticing . Sorry, Mr. Birdie, RIP.
But, let's speak of happier times.
I am off to do a yard-sale with my Dad, so by the time you read this, I'll be westward bound.
To the land time forgot : Western Kentucky. No computers. There is running water.
Bye for Now !!! Have a great week/weekend :)
See ya next week. Boy will I miss you guys !

Shoes: Dot's ~ Fitted T: Targei' ~ Shades: Old, 80's, another closet find :)

Not You're Average Landing Strip

The day started as most with me running out the door, misplacing my keys a couple times, paying for stupid stuff like tires and so on. I wore a neon peach skirt (which seemed cute at the time), though now, in hind-sight, I kinda look like a really bright peach River Dancer..... So I thought I'd pop off a few shots before dark. Then I got "creative", and as Hubs and I were going through the images, I have never laughed so hard in my life! Let's just say, there were some XX rated shots that were so damn funny.  My hubs picked the title for this post ;)  ~  And away we go !
( OK, I'm finally in the air )
( This one proves it. It's blurry. )
( Oh, yeah. I'm a friggin Pro ! )
( And this is the most family-friendly shot there after ;)
No one saw a thing.
Oh, Yeah, I'm cool.
Shirt: Limited, thrifted ~ Skirt: Old Navy, thrifted ~ Shoes,thrifted ~ Scarf ~ K-mart,clx.

Incognito !

So, Whadda Ya think ? A red-head ? I love it !!!
Well, actually it's a Halloween wig I found during my clear-a-thon. And it cost 6 bucks. Though, honestly, the color and the width of the wig make my face fuller and my skin tone brighter. Hmm..... I did have a bob last spring (my hair grows super fast), but my hubs says it is shaped like a football helmut. What does he know about fashion anyway ? The outfit is real, however. I bought a slew of cropped cargo's a while back, but lost weight, so they lay in wait (weight?), til now. Cargo's and wide legs are a fall trend, so luckily these are a two-fer ;) Though the "trend" is a slim cargo this fall (marketing strategy?), I like the way these hang on me :) ~ Plus, they are a faded green shade. So, there's they why. The belt is a DIY made with a wallet slid through the belt. Handy as a shirt pocket ;) And finally, I love this jacket, though a couple sizes too small is the perfect little Girl-friend jacket, as long as I don't need to button it ;)
By th By, Do you ever wish you could be someone else for a day ?
 I friggin' LOVE Halloween ! Sorry, guys, but even more than Christmas :)
1. You get to dress up in cool costumes and be anything you want for a night ~
2. You get to see the cutest little kids in the world, but only for a few seconds ~
3. You get to fill them up with tons of sugar and chocolate, then send them home  ~
4. You get to fill yourself up with tons of sugar and chocolate, and stay home ~
5. Caramel Apples with Nuts ~
6. Horror Movie Marathons ~
7. And finally, it's OK to scare the shit out of little kids without repercussion ~
 Mwa, Ha, Ha !!!!

Scarf/Sarong: World Mkt. ~ Beads: Penny's,clx.
Pants:TJMaxx ~ Jacket:Goodwill ~ Shoes: Penny's
Wig: Walgreen's ~ Sunnies: Vintage, thrifted

Howling at the Moon

" It filled him with a great unrest and strange desires. It caused him to feel a vague, sweet gladness, and he was aware of wild yearnings and stirrings for he knew not what ." The Call of the Wild, Chapter 7.
" He was sounding the deeps of his nature, and the parts of his nature that were deeper than he, going back into the wombs of Time." Chapter 3.
I wish I could tell other's  my feelings as well as Jack London did in Call of the Wild. Though this is a Style blog, sometimes I need to just let go. It's not my "Style" to hold things back. It is my style to admit when I've had a tough week, and my style to bounce back through letting others know what's going on. So, there, I said it. A tough week for no particular reason. Though sometimes I believe I allow myself to live in a state of dread over simple, silly stuff that hasn't even transpired . And never happens the way I think it will anyway ;) Sometimes women take on a lot. More than we really should. Then it bubbles up inside, and rather than flogging someone else, we flog ourselves. We smile and pretend that everything is fine. So, yesterday, I cried until my eyes were swollen. It felt great ! I actually feel so much better since the brain colonic :) So tonight I had a super-sized cappucino , did some night dancing and howled at the moon. I probably will be up all night, but who cares ? Tomorrow will take care of itself, as it always does :)
This is me. Right now. Kinda ;) And the lightening photos I popped off the other day during a heat-lightning drive by. It only took 500+ takes to get 3 pops, but they were awesome !
This dance was for Lesa :)
And if you're wondering : T: Old, Skirt: Penny's,clx., Hat: Target, Boots: thrifted, Pendant: World Mkt. :)
Have a bright, bright, sunshiny day :)

'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel

Ever meet someone who makes you think in broader strokes ? That's my Hubs. He introduced me to Cowboy Junkies years ago. Not to mention, Lucinda Williams and created my love for sub-titles and old black and white films. A couple days ago, as I was sneaking through his closet, I found an original concert T from the Junkies from the early 90's. The front says, 'Cause cheap is how I feel ' and it is way too small for him now. MY gain. I already know what skirt I will wear with it. It is faded and has a tiny hole and everything. I would be wearing it right now, but it has to drip dry first. Instead, I threw on a 90's dress (99 cents) and Rue 21 leggings (on clx.) plus my thrifted booties. "Cause Cheap is how I Roll " ;)
Sorry I look so down. I have been there for a few days. Not sure why. Good news is, it always turns around.
Have a good week-end everybody :)

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