Bohemian Addict

An effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling.

A free instrumental composition in one extended movement.

Have you ever noticed how different outfit give you a different kind of "swag"?
Boho seems to give me a bit of swagger....
Happy Monday!
Sometimes an outfit just falls together all at the same time, same day, same store!
That's what happened with this outfit. I spotted the hat, then the vintage 80's dress, 
and ka-bam, the vest was just around the corner. A 'me' outfit... Boho and thrifted!
I found this version of Bohemian Rhapsody on u-tube last night and it rocks! 
Here's to a week full of rhapsody ;)

Is It Me, Us or Them? / "Links-a-la Mode"

This blog is "fashion lite" for sure. I don't share too many articles, or how-to's. I love the fashion, the cameras and the inspiration that comes from being a style blogger. Today is the day when I break out my poor writing skills, so here goes!
I am pissed. I usually don't write articles, 
nor do I claim to be a writer, 
but I just had to get this one on the table....
This is the iconic symbol of beauty. And yep, here she was a size 12!
As I have been paroozing the top 25 street style blogs as per, I've noticed a trend. Not one "street person" was larger than model size! I know that models are usually on average a size zero to a size 2. According to stats obtained from Plus Model Magazine, 20 years ago, the average model weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today, the average is a whopping 23% less! Do you know a size 10 is considered plus size? I'm a 12. Now, I know that models are basically walking freaky clothes hangers. But are we, the norm, still comparing ourselves to other's who are not the 'norm"? Are we giving up our mental health as well as our physical health to look good in fashion?
Ten years ago the average plus size model was between a size 12 and 18. 
Today the "plus size" model ranges from a meager 6 to 14.
Most runway models meet the criteria for anorexia. 
While most women wear a size 14 or larger (it's true!), 
However most clothing stores cater to sizes 12 and under!
(source: Plus Model Magazine via Fashionista)
Doesn't she look HEALTHY? 
However, I have noticed most plus-sized models 
are super tanned and have long, flowing locks of hair...
I suppose that's why real people blogs have become the new style outlet for the average woman (or man). I love to see a little arm fat, or see how a real woman wears a trend. Don't get me wrong, thin is great and a goal for some, but real is what most people are yearning for - thin or not!
These chickas don't look "plus size" either!
In the summer of 2010, I was a size 6/8. Everyone told me I was too thin and I couldn't see it, except for my 'chicken neck'. After almost 2 years, and a medication change, I am now a 12. 
My body feels best at a size 10 plus size....
Plus my clothes fit ;)
ME: 5'61/2 WEIGHT 160
My BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation results:
According to your height of 5' 6" your ideal healthy weight is 139 pounds. 
Your recommended weight range is between 123 and 154 pounds. This was calculated 
using Hamwi formula, a simple formula commonly used by many clinicians. These are recommended weights. Talk with your doctor about what weight is best for you and before undertaking any new diet or exercise programs.
(That's about a size 10!)

Check out these beauties!
Who seem just 'normal' size...

courtesy of Hips and Curves

I'm in no way putting down the naturally thin girls out there, but....
Women are finally saying "We're not gonna take it",
 and when Iris Apfel became the first saged face for MAC cosmetics, 
I danced a happy dance!
When a 'real' woman is on the cover of Vogue someday, 
there will be a ticker-tape parade!!!

Another great article on this subject is here:

What are your ideas on this subject?
Are street styles also feeding into the myth 
that fashion is only for the size zeros?
Is it me, us, or them???
Reva ;)


One More Time...

One last time to wear my black boots. Thanks Mother Nature!
Tees and flouncy skirts make me feel all Springy.
Hope you all are having a fab weekend!
skirt: JCPenny's,clx-old,  Tee:Old Navy,  
Boots,old  Scarf: Kroger  Earrings,old

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The Wind Beneath My Tripod...

Happy Friday!
I love this skirt. I feel so girlie and kinda french in it.
OK, so first out the door, a snake crosses my path and squiggles down beneath our drive-way. Snakes freak me out!  Then - The very first shot, the wind picked up my cammy and tripod and slung them into the yard. It was in total slow motion! When the panic that seized me dead in my pose was over, of course my best eye glasses were hung on the tripod. 
I crawled around, all blind and stuff, til I found them underneath the camera... 
She is fine. A bit dirty, but is resting comfortably in the recovery dept...   
How's your day going so far?  LOL!
SWEATER, Target,clx., SKIRT, thrifted, HAT, thrifted, ESPADRILLES, K-mart,old, 
SUNNIES, vintage, PEARLS1, vintage, STRAND2, Penny's,clx. EARRINGS: Gabriel Bros.
A huge "HI" to my new followers!

 I have started a fitness program to feel better about myself. 
I didn't realize how out-of-shape I'd become.
I did about 4 whole minutes of Zumba last night,YaY!
Tomorrow I walk with weights.
Here's to a snakeless, wind-free weekend!

"Why yes, I do!"

Hi everybody!
Thanks for the nice thoughts sent out my way yesterday. It was just one of those days...
Ya know- The other day at the doctor's office, a lady told me that I reminded her 
of her daughter. Of course, instead of 'thanks', I asked why. 
"Do you shop in thrift stores?" she asked. "Why yes I do!"
"You look so neat and hip. My daughter loves thrift stores." she said.
 My ego was flattered. I think...
We proceeded to chat about how finding things in a thrift store gives you more choices, more unique style and we even talked about 'cookie cutter' fashion!
A stranger told me she hated looking like everybody else and liked thrift store 
fashion as much as I do. Thank you strange, friendly lady!
These are the thing that make my love of "Style Art" so exciting and rewarding. 
These are the things I should dwell on. Positive feelings... A stroke or two never hurts ;)
Thanks, Zen Master - It really is about the style, not the body wearing it!
skirt as dress; $3.00 cheapo fashion shop / shoes; Glo / scarf; thrifted / beret; Sears,clx.
clutch: The Loudmouth
Have you guys figured out who my mentor is yet?
I LOVE her and,
I'll never tell....


Hi everybody,
Hope the week is treating you great so far...
  I don't have a whole lot to say today other than I am learning what 'fits' my style without compromising it. I know how much everyone hates to hear about body insecurity, but.....
Lately I'm dealing with major body image issues. I don't feel good about my body. Period. 
I feel warped - out of sync... 
  This usually passes. I suppose that's where wisdom comes in. Everything passes in time and when I am feeling something is 'off', it usually comes from pride, ego or self-esteem issues. Comparing, instead of celebrating the differences between us all. Do you ever have one of those days (weeks)? How do you change your mindset? Please share :)
Maybe it's time to elevate the old serotonin by getting out the Zumba ;)
Happy Hump Day!

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