Lace and Spats

Dad is always right: "It gets cold again in March"...
Dad can be wrong: "Spats look stupid"...
ATTIRE: Sweater, thrifted / Dress, Target / Skirt, K-Mart / Boots, Fur & Hat, thrifted -
Spats: Old Boy Scout Spats, Vintage/DIY 
I'm friggin' freezing!
How's your weekend?
Reva ;)
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Pastels, Jeans, and Watercolor Shoes, Oh My!

Hi everyone!
Just kidding. I had a great week. I threw caution to the wind and sunbathed twice this week. I promise I put sunscreen on my face... I read style magazines (from the library, 
of course) and am finally gonna plant some flowers this year! Really! 
My yard is dandelion palooza. Maybe I can just plant those?
I also cleaned my white (what-was-I-thinking) patio furniture. WARNING: 
Don't use bleach while the furniture is on your deck. 
You get the picture...
Oh Yeah, and I can get my entire lower body back into my skinny jeans! 
All in all, a great week ;)
Jacket/Jeans/Bag: Thrifted - Shoes,Vintage: thrifted
Dont' forget!
Monday's give-a-way!!!
It's a doozy ;)
Have a faboo weekend,

Follow Your Floral Guts

Ya know how the 'experts' say 
that if you haven't 
worn something in a year, 
donate it?
That is not true in my little world...
Every 5 to 8 years, trends recycle themselves. The only usual difference is 
a slightly different waist/hem/length. I have clothes that are 15 or more years young.  And I still wear them!
I go by my gut when it comes to style or trends. If I like it, I keep it. There will always be room for a bag or two of extra keepers... Like these floral pants that are stomping down runways all over the place. I've had them since the very late 80's/early 90's. A wide-leg pant can dress up or dress down any outfit ;)
attire: Pants, vintage / Vest, Forever 21(gift) / Shoes, thrifted / Necklace, I forget-Dot's? :)


Hi everybody!
These maxi's I bought last year (4 for 10 bucks each) have become a spring/summer staple. The jacket is vintage. I bought it at a yard sale. 
It was worn by a sweet old lady from my old church, and still had a hankie in the pocket... I love it when I know the history of a garment. I believe I'll send this 
outfit in to Chictopia for my favorite spring look. Water colors and Maxi's, plus some honkin' clog sandals! I added a long chain to a pastel shell choker, too...
Now that screams spring ;)

ATTIRE: Dress, Forever21 / Jacket, yard sale / shoes, thrifted  / Necklace, DIYed / Beret, Forever 21

( I was editing and Blogger died on me.... Grrr.....)
I ran out of GB's!
Whew! I just bought more-

Deja Vu Dress

DRESS: Thrifted, BELT: Forever 21, SHOES: Sears,clx. EARRINGS, Gift
Hi all,
This dress has been in my closet for 1 1/2 years. I first saw Shannon of DirtyHairHalo sporting a similar number. I remembered the style and loved it. 
I've thought of cropping it many times, but I suffer from Crop-O-Phobia...
Since it's 80's vintage, if it doesn't sell during my April vintage sale, 
it's going to the crop shop! What would you do?
Crop or Stop?


Singing in the Rain...
(Or Dancin' in the Rain :)
A world-wide 5 star post...
ATTIRE: COAT, Dots,clx / DRESS, Sears,clx / BOOTS, thrifted, SCARF: Penny's / Necklace: Penny's.clx. HEADBAND, old t-shirt.
Hi Everybody!
Actually dancin' in the rain was more like it. 
Cache (his new name) was jealous.
My neighbors? - well, they probably were, too-
Though, no one joined in...
The Hubs finally picked a cat name. Here, Kitty,Kitty was kinda lame.
Cache is another word for treasure... (Awh)...
It's tough being an indoor kitty...
Training ivy is MUCH easier than training a kitty-boy!
This was just too easy ;)
Have a great week!

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