From Pit Bulls to Posies

Hi everybody!!!
Wow, a few days turned into over a week! I so needed to reconnect with mama nature, so what did we do first? A flea market, of course! (Why am I yelling?)
I really don't know, other than I missed you all. I had a great time (which I'll try to keep the photos as minimal as I can). I scored a suede leather fringe jacket here and my muse, my precious Mom-in-Law (Hi Mom!) found a denim and fur jacket.
My sunglasses collection grew and I fell hard for a couple puppies. I swear they sell everything! I totally refused to go into the faux bag area however.
I was actually up bright and early...
Thanks to my muse!
Here a some shots of the infamous Flea Land in the heart of the Kentucky mountains. I'll show you true beauty tomorrow and be back to fashion posts next week. Promise! 
Told Ya!
He is so beautiful
I kissed and kissed the tiny one on the right. I wanted him...
What a kick-ass truck!
He wasn't for sale.
Possibly the most fashionable bird house ever!
Someone had collected all these vintage pop tops. Too cool...
These caught me as especially funny at the time. Ya never know what you'll find.
I suppose someone kept trying to buy the boat?
There were so many caged animals for sale, but they seemed so sad.
Inside: The giant wall-o-quilts
Kentuckians are crazy for their college basketball. I mean fighting crazy!
As many coal miner's are in KY, including my Dad and brother's, this meant a lot to me. Coal mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It is a family tradition here especially in the East and Western communities.
I spied a fashionista!
Tired yet?
Me Too!
For now...


Hi all!
I've been a bit MIA this week. Sorry! Between a head cold and making travel plans, the sofa has been my bestest friend. Right now it is a pour-a-thon here in the Queen City. Luckily I took these shots a couple days ago. It was a day for favorites.

1) The very first jacket I ever thrifted from Saks - light wool, structured and cool button hook thingys.
2) My favorite dress ever (you've seen it many times here!), An Old Navy cream linen that I wear all year round.
 3) Some pink suede loafers I've had for literally over 10 years from JCPenny.
4) My skinny green jeans.
5) My double happiness pendant from World Mkt and 
6) Self-made light green porcelain earrings and a favorite scarf. 
(Wow, what an interesting list!)...
Give me a break, I'm not at my best ;)
I haven't worn eye liner all week...
We are planning a hiking trip to the Cumberland Lake area in good ole' KY tomorrow and the rain is moving outta here. So if you see me sliding down a mountain - just look the other way. But please, by all means, giggle, snort or 
just LOL. I don't mind. I'd laugh at you, too :)
Back to the couch, now - must rest before packing...
See ya in a few days!

Blowing Through the Cobwebs of my Mind

Hi everybody!!!
    Never trust the weather guy this time of the year. It was supposed to hit 70, but barely made it above 60. I'm not complaining, as layering is my favorite form of dress! Slipping a Mossimo thermal tee and DIY infinity scarf made the day perfect. I just cut the arm/neck section off an old sweater to make the scarf. So simple. I just let the top end go... I'm crazy lazy like that.
The pendant is also a DIY, using a safety pin to hold the rather large shell on.
God, I love this time of year!
I can't really describe it. My mind seems clearer and my senses are on overload!
I even like the smell of the dead, wet leaves...
Even the poison oak is turning 
Off to the post-office, so
Have a beautiful weekend !!!
What I wore this day last year!
(A huge drought)

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