Weird, Random and Tall

 Hi Everybody!
I'm watching "Healing in the Heartland" right now. It is such a wonder to see how incredibly generous people can be when a tragedy happens. Tears, anger, fear and acceptance are all such powerful human emotions. They seem to bring out the best (and sometimes) the worst in us. It seems that while I've been cruising through my forties, there has been a huge helping of tragedy served up in my little bubble of a world. Watching my Parent's go through the latter stages of life has been the most powerful experience. I'd like to tell you all that it is a wondrous journey and a path to inner self awareness. The honest truth is, it is hard. There are days when I get homesick (still!) and there was a time not long ago, that I could go get a week's worth of hugs and sympathy any time I needed it. Those days seem to be gone for the most part, and it is rather scary. It is time for me to stand on my own. Another frightening prospect. You see, I am the baby. I didn't have kids. I've only had a few plants and cats.
There is no instruction book for these times. It's all random. Fly by the seat of your pants random.
 A little later than most, I am finding my footing slowly. A depression here, a belly-laugh there. Life goes on. It truly does. I am finally figuring this one out and my latest mantra is: NOTHING IS PERMANENT. It's true! 
This concept and truth are allowing me to continue to get up, get dressed and look another day square in the eye and say, 
"Let's Do This."
Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger, new,tags: thrifted,
Denim jacket,Vest(Tommy Bahama): thrifted // Sandals, Old Navy,old // Hat:? Dot's?
My parents are currently doing well. My Mom and I are going to the Senior Prom next month!
She is so excited!
Reva :)

Crimson and Roses

 Hi everybody!
Hope you all had a great long weekend :) We didn't do much, 
but did really dig the cool summer air blowing through the curtains at night. 
Also, my one and only rosebush is in full bloom! YaY! 
Most women my age wouldn't see that as a huge venture that involves bragging rites, but I (or should I say, our rocky-ass yard) cannot grow the average flowering plant. Of any sort...
 So, in honor of the crimson roses that are making my front yard a bit less drab -The ones making us not "Those Neighbors" who grow dandelions for sport, I am wearing a thrifted deep red Liz Claiborne dress. I LOVE the drop waist and I cut out that stifling attached slip to make it properly sheer... It could be really pimped out with a belt, baubles, vests, etc...,But it seemed to lay better sans tons of accessories. Just a wisp of red silk. Monochromatic. 
If you don't count 2 scarves;)
This dress will definitely see some action this fall!
Bangles:Retail shop // Chain bracelet: Vintage // Multi-stone cuff: Black Mkt. Minerals // Watch:Target,Clx
(Underneath: a black leotard tank)

How would you accessorize this dress?
Do you enjoy wearing non-traditional seasonal colors?

Have a rose colored day!

Long Flowy Things Make Me Feel Better!

Hi everyone!
This week has been a blur. I've been a little out-of-it. Still very tired from the Emergency room fiasco. 
I'm also running way behind catching up with my blog buds! Sorry :)  Getting dressed 3 times this week did not lend inspiration for any great, triumphant posts for me. I did, however, peek in a wee bit on you and you all are rockin'!
On another note, I've been having an outfit block this week. I have gathered some great summer jackets, shorts, dresses and fun accessories that would be very trendy right now. A Shorts Suit - a skinny floral pant outfit, but when I put them on, I feel disingenuous. Sort of a cookie cutter feeling. Does that ever happen to you? So, after several layers of dresses on the floor, I just give up and kaboom, I find an outfit that feels right. Maybe not the "it girl" outfit, but the "I like me" outfit :) This is such... I'd have never put this tank with this skirt until I added the sweater. Then, It was a nice super-casual me look. Plus, today it was very cool (sweater-ish weather!), instead of the record breaking 86+ just 2 days ago. As the summer progresses, you will get to see the elaborate ways I will attempt to camouflage my upper arms and boobs... Or, who knows? I may just exercise!....Nah...
I was told many years ago, that as you get older, 
how you feel is more important than how you look...
I say, we can have both!
 Booties,TJ Maxx // Skirt,Hat,Tank, Thrifted // Sweater,Sears,Clx // Sunnies,Grocery store
 See you soon and....
Have a terrific Holiday weekend!
Your ever photo heavy pal,

Plain White Tees / Shopping in the Women's Section

 Hi everybody!
Hope your week is going great!
The past couple days have been spent running to doctor's appts., lots of sofa bonding, 
plus stupid errands, like the grocery. I hate going to the market. Hate. 

Now that the Temps have reached the upper 80's this week, I have seen more tank tops in the past two days than in all of last summer! I do not like to be hOT. Ever. Even though I love my scarves and hats sooo very much, even I have to limit them for a couple months a year (usually;). 
I do still want to try to look a bit fresh this time of year, yet with covered upper arms or a light summer scarf. It's a thing...
So, instead of the usual summer tee, I visited the women's section at a store that shall not be named (the only store for miles in rural areas - where I was recently). I found a great tee to wear as a short dress thingy! I LOVE to wear oversized tops as dresses or tunics during the summer, and during the winter with tights and layers. I love the fullness of women's tops! I always head for the women's section at thrift shops. I've snagged many great pieces where other women may forget to look. I wonder if some people think that a number sewn onto the neck of their clothes really define their size?  Size labels never matter to those who are stylish, just the look they are going for.
PS - In the summer, I sometimes have to put a short skirt underneath - no freebies ;)

 Also, when wearing a plain white tee, it's always 
advantageous to wear your newest favorite summer shoes ;)
Tunic, $5.oo // Shoes, Dot's 30%off // Peter Grimm hat Scarf,Skirt,Rosary, thrifted // Vintage bracelet, Goodwill

Is it really such a big, bad world???
bonus points for matching undies ;)
 The shoes, Dot's....

My most favorite thrifted summer scarf (this year;)

Oh,Yeah, and...
I LOVE cowboy hats! (It's a thing).
We are all basically plain white t's...  
How are you gonna paint yourself today?
I choose to paint myself bubblegum happy...
Hugs and Peace,

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