GREEN TRENCH / Homeward Bound Summary

This outfit was what I wore home from my Parent's house. I was refreshed , but sad to leave. The trip gave me a chance to spend time meditating on the important things in life. Family, letting go of regret, staying connected to Creativity. I needed a soul bath, and the country is a perfect place for renewal. I got lots of hugs, and felt the sense of safety I get when sleeping at my parent's. Stress drained away and the city didn't seem so harsh as when I left it ! I can't believe it's been two weeks already!

Trench: Liz , Skirt : Rue 21, Glasses, Wal-mart.

" Good Bye Blue Sky "

My Mom.

Homeward Bound outfit re-cap :

" Welcome Back ! "


I "borrowed" this 80's top from my Mom's closet. She made me put it back ! Although I got to wear it first!

I rolled up the sleeves, and stitched them put, but the right one came un-done.
The retro looking glasses came from the "W" place for $5 dollars.

Jeans: Gap.


My favorite clothes season is Fall or Spring. Sweater Weather. Mother Nature gave me a nice ending to spring this weekend. In a few more days it's supposed to  be in the 70's. After the longest Feb. in history, I'm not complaining!

At first , I put on these vintage peep toes, but they didn't seem to work.

Then I tried my old Eastland hikers. Maybe with sox ? But still didn't seem to work. Then I remembered my really tall, black riders hadn't been worn all winter, so I grabbed them instead. I liked the contrast.

They kinda went with the grays in my flower and scarf. 

I layered a cream skirt, a cotton slip-dress over a pale green T, and one of my fav. sweaters.
Done !

Dark green tights by Land's End , Scarf by Ann Taylor, thrifted.

I felt very "Me" in this look.

I used to wear these boots to work almost daily when I first got them. They are very worn. Then I found a similar , shorter pair that I've worn for the past 2 yrs. I likes me boots !!!
Today, the sun is Shinin' and I'm heading out to the Library then for a walk. See Ya !


It all started with this vest . ONLY 2 DOLLARS at Rue 21 !

Mother Nature gave me one more cool day to wear this clearanced faux-fur vest. I was gonna do the hippy look, but that seemed too obvious . So, I threw it over a vintagy outfit instead. It got to walk with me in the sun for a brief moment, only to be shunned into the back of the closet til next year. I would have never paid full price for it, as trends go out so fast, but for Two dollars, it was worth it !

After helping my Hubby get out the ladder for gutter cleaning , I booted the vest.

I felt so Girlie! I was having major exposure problems that day , which probably started with my bath experience. As those who keep up with me know, I hate house work, with a capitol H ! I got the idea to Mop my entire bathroom from ceiling to walls to floor. Sounded so much more time efficient. The only problem was, I put the mop in a plastic bag when I was finished, and felt so clever ! I left it in the tub and forgot all about it. The next day, half asleep, I ran my bath, slid open the door, sat down in a tub full of yummy, bubbly Mop water. Yep. Mop water. The mop was still in there beneath the bubbles. I removed said mop, and just kept on bathing. I can be gross, but I rationalized it as clean mop water !

The deets :

Vintage Skirt : Thrifted.

Furry Bracelet : 1928
 Ring : Vintage from my Mom. 3 diamonds from 3 engagement rings.
My Grandma's, Great Aunt's, and Mom's first.

Shoes : Westies.  Tights : Merona over cream Hanes.

Brooch: 1928

Flower hair / pin : Dollar Store

Ladder : ?

Sunset : God.

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