"Told Ya So Tuesday" / Floral Pants

*The trend: Floral Pants
*The store: Goodwill, Cincinnati, OH
*The cost: $3.99 with 1/2 off
   added: black basic tunic, basic tee, 
   black heels, spikes/beads on ribbon, beret



Welcome to the new segment I call 'Told-Ya-So' Tuesday. I am taking Tuesday (it's a T thang...) and showing you how easy it is to find any trend in a thrift store. These cigarette pants are from Talbot's. I'm not sure when they were made, but many higher end adult women's clothing lines all carry patterned pants of some sort. Give the mall shops the slip and find yours first hand at a second hand price! Allow a larger size, however, as these are more fitted and have a bit higher rise...
told ya ;)
 If you have a pair of thrifted floral pants, 
send me the photo and I will post it!
my address for images: retroreva@zoomtown.com


Style Agent 909 said...

Reva, You're my kind of woman! A thrifter to the bone. Me too! I know just by looking at the post that I'm going to love the rest of your blog!
I'm sending you a pic of my floral pants!

Mery said...

nice pictures...

I will follow your blog


Inggrid Monalita said...

lovely floral pants!

Wanna follow each other sweetie?

have a nice day!

Frocktasia said...

Seriously funky pants Reva!
I love the whole look...x

Anonymous said...

I've been on the hunt for pants like these but haven't found anything as fantastic as this. Often, the pants seem to be in silk...and I'm afraid of silk pants.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

These pants are great! What a find..and I love the name of your new segment...fits perfect for returning trends!

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

I'd love to find pants like this at thrift. I love the print on your pants. It has a 60's vibe and look great on you.
I had on a floral jacket today that I have had for a few years. I got several compliments on it--amazing how styles return.

Lorena said...

Greeeeeat printed trousers :)
You just reminded me of a pair I have from about 10 years ago... :)
I should find them and try to wear them... if they still fit.

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