Voodoo Chile La Luna

Have a great week everybody!!!
Check out this musician, Luna - 
Inspiring, talented and great music choices!

See you soon! Rock on ;)


Hi everyone!
I am off to my parent's for the week. My Dad is in hospital again. It is a challenge, but I am glad to be able to help out as much as I can. 
Tonight I am finished packing and kicking back. 
Getting ready for a road trip can be tiresome. 
Thank goodness for creature comforts ;)
Cache is helping me pack...
The 6 hour car road trip outfit:
Layered on the top - Loose on the bottom - Easy on/off boots
Have a great weekend and I'll
See you soon!

Moonlighting and Camouflage

Hi everybody!
I got this dress sometime last year on a thrifting trip with my Mom. I loved the dropped waist, and the handkerchief hem. I was in a 'twenties' vibe that day. I got home with it and realized it has a hole in the bottom. My Mom, being a seamstress just said to 'fix' it. So, I cut, I chopped and stitched and re-stitched the darn thing until it was wearable. Bet ya can't even tell :) 
It was easily camouflaged -  Which got me thinking...
There has always been a time honored tradition of camouflage.
I'm not talking about the kind used in Vietnam, or just fixing a rip in a dress - but the way we try to hide our 'flaws' or just improve on what the good lord gave us. And yes, it's generally the ladies who take part in this kind of cammo. It's genetic, dating back to cavemen days - the need to appear young to continue to procreate. To remain desirable.

It began for most of us in our teens. Zit cream, perms to give our flat hair 'Farrah' locks, and earlier teens teased their hair to monumental heights and donned really bright red lipstick. (Another sign of youth - a post-sex lip glow...). Even the photos from the 30's  had fake pink cheeks and really blue eyes painted onto their black and white photos.
Then, there was the first on camera TV image I really noticed a new type of cammo. It was unforgettable to me. The show Moonlighting! Cybill Shepherd had a angelic glow, but Bruce Willis looked normal.
Bruce finally caught on...
Today, we have mad skills and products to hide our perceived 'flaws'. A bathroom full of youth. Hair color is a staple in mine. Base, false lashes, curling irons, "repair" creams, spackle, staples and so on...
 Of course, If you have the cash, You can make such flaws completely disappear. 
Poof! Your 50 year old ass is now 25!
They can even make you look just like a Barbie...
However, for us Bloggers, we have a much easier, 
more sophisticated kind of camouflage. 
We call it PHOTOSHOP! Picmonkey, Lunapics, and PhotoMania!
 We have our secret poses to hide our belly fat, boobs and even turkey neck!
My hat's off to all the beautiful, smooth skinned, thin 40-somethings out there who don't need a little cammo. But, I also gotta give props where props are due! YOU GO Picmonkey! Blur my fine lines, and while you're at it, could you do something about my ass?
Reva ;)

Gifts from Across the Pond

Here it is!!!
A perfect tunic from the lovely Jennie of Frocktasia! The long, flowy silk tunic seems like it was made just for me. 
Her shop is so awesome! Check it out here:
for the most awesome vintage clothing ever!
Isn't she a stylish cutie-patootie?

About the tunic:
I had a thousand ideas on how to style it, so I picked two (for now ;)
This piece will be a basic in my wardrobe for many years. Probably until it is a rag....
Here are some more photos:
I had to ditch the vest to show off the glory!
I had so many ideas, from jeans underneath, a denim vest, 
all kinds of scarf play, loads of beads, all kinds of shoes...
Look number two:
Flowy with a sweater...
ACCESSORIES: 2 vintage hats/thrifted wool vest/silk scarf, fuzzy scarf,thrifted/belt,thrifted
Boots, Banana Republic/ shooties, Target/ sunnies, vintage, Sturgis Antique Mall/crucifix,thrifted
Pose-o-Rama - it's a sickness...
Thanks, Jennie - Queen of the Frocks!
Reva :)
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It's a Celebration

Ah, I know. It's getting old - 
All this darkness with it's cold.
But never fear - It's almost here,
Soon we'll don our saved-up gear....
As in Spring stuff! Bare legs with boots, flowy tunics and all that garb.....
So today I'm celebrating the last official day of Winter.

 While 'celebrating' on the sofa, I got a package today from across the pond that made me so happy :) Ohh, what could it be? It's in pink wrapping! Eek! I love packages! Such a sweet surprise can twist an ordinary day into a special day. It show's how much you are thought of, and is a permanent grin guarantee for the rest of the day. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow! She knows me so well! Now, I am going though some of my treasures to send to her, as well as a few other wonderful ladies I've grown to love. I believe that sending a package will be even more fun than getting one! So, tomorrow you will see the present and of course I will gush about how wonderful she is :)
Top,Levi's jeans:thrifted/Boots,Minnetonka,gift from hubby/Scarf:Target,clx/Vest:F21,gift
Various gathered accessories throughout the years
beaded bracelets: DIYed, Pewter bracelet, thrifted, signed 'bluebells'
thrifted Foster Grants, held together with a beaded pin
How will you celebrate the day?
Reva ;)
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thanks :)

The Power of a few Posies

Hi Everybody!!!
Yep, it's still very cold here. I wore this outfit all weekend 
and had a bunch of fun playing with the photos!
This is my typical casual wear. a bit Boho - 
2 parts cat lady with a twist of 'what the?'...
I know, way too many  photos- but hey, there's a theme going on...
Enjoy :)

 outfit: skirt,booties,thrifted/scarf/hat:Kroger/tees,Old Navy.clx.
I love the way the flowers look like they're melting....

Here's Hoping, I'm sending mass blasts of energy to the Spring Gods...
Have a fun,creative posie-filled week!!!
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