Preppy Bohojuku

Happy Monday Everybody!!!
This weekend was so cold that I had lots of time to parooze the top 25 street style blogs. I have always been a big fan of Japanese Street Style and I think this outfit was inspired by FRUiTS, a Tokyo street scene magazine. You can see it here on Tumblr. I can't really describe the style aesthetic and neither can they. I think Eclectic Underground is a good tag. Pretty much anything goes - as long as you wear it with cool in mind. I wonder if 'dork' is a style trend? If so, I nailed it.... I call this Preppy Bohojuku Lite.

Tokyo Street Style:



Have a great week!


Lena said...

following u back!)

Anonymous said...

I've studied Japanese street style a bit...but I can't identify any one quality in particular that makes it a style. I like the mix you've created here.

Melanie said...

Harajuku is the most amazing place - I could sit there all day and just people watch. I love your style here. I also loved your pyjama party look - I was thinking of something similar before I went North. And your new Tuesday stuff is great.

Lorena said...

For some unknown reason I have never explored Japanese street style - i am going to check them out.
I usually have a hard time with pattern mixing but i think yours totally worked.

oomph. said...

haha, I love it...bohojuku! The stripes and florals are wonderfully mixed here.

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Anonymous said...

This outfit is awesome, love it!

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