Bringing up May Flowers

Today was a day for getting my yearly physical. I hate to get my blood drawn. Thus a simple outfit for tromping around the University. I think sneakers would have helped... 
My doctor's office garb usually consists of easy out, easy back in clothing. But afterwards, the afternoon proved to be perfect! Super sunny and warm. Spring is definitely afoot in Cincy ;) And so are my dandelions, honeysuckle, and roses! 
Jets were jetting through the deep blue skies.
I could see the sun reflecting off the metal.
Roses were rising! 
My first this year.
SKIRT: thrifted / CARDI: Dot's.clx / SUNNIES: ASOS
Tonight I am trying to think of what PJ's to wear to Terri's slumber party!
Have a sunny weekend!


Anonymous said...

The sunglasses are fabulous. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

organic lipstick said...

Whoever thought frames could get boring.Nice style and the way you wear it is amazing.have fun in the party and look gorgeous lady!!!

oomph. said...

very pretty the layering with the pink cardi, too! I'm hoping to get something together for the pj party, too?


Style Agent 909 said...

Hope everything checks out well at the physical. You look to be in great shape to me!
Your calico skirt is cute. I'm gonna be on the hunt for one now.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Hope all went well at the doctor...I bet you put a smile on the doctor's cute!!

Kasmira said...

Those sunnies are so cute! My physical was last week, but I don't mind having blood drawn. I think the process is really neat to watch. (And then I tell myself that I should eat some candy to make up for those lost calories.)

Jen said...

Love this outfit! And those sunglasses are so rad. They look like crazy pink eyebrows! Love it!

Lorena said...

Those sunnies are a piece of art !

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