This skirt was made from a "Vintage" sheet. I have always been drawn to the patterns and colors of 70's bedding. The colors are usually less stark and the fabric is softer. I thrifted this one many years ago, and my Mom made pillow cases out of it first. The process is the same as my Apple skirt - stitch, elastic and done! The bottom is already hemmed. I was going to wear it today with a simple white T, wide brown belt and platform sandals, but I was not feeling well and am still in my p.j's (at 7.30pm!). I wore this on Saturday. I got the elastic too loose, so I wrapped a purple scarf around my waist to hold it up. I fixed it that night. I enhanced the colors so you can see the pretty pattern. There's a little purple butterfly on the red flower!

I like to mix light florals with heavy leather. It was a cool, windy evening so out came the bomber jacket!

This skirt will be a super casual throw-and-go. Hanging out in my yard, over my swimsuit, T-shirty skirt.
Something to run errands in or mow the grass so I can get some sun skirt! When I get sleepy, I can lay in a lounge chair and take a nap, not worrying about wrinkling it, and dreaming simple 70's dreams!


Lesa said...

Another cute skirt, please start making these for sale soon!

JordanMayTwigs said...

I agree with Lesa.
Kick assssssss skirt girlie!!!



Girl, I really like this look on you! Ya know I am a little rocker girl myself.. What has really inspired me, is the fact that you actually sewed this skirt!
NICE! really..
(I might have to take a sewing lessons)


Ha, or just order them from you!

Lady Cardigan said...

You're so clever! I remember having sheets like this as a kid, but they were more orange and not as pretty. It makes a beautiful skirt.

I hope you're feeling better.

The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

Another awesome skirt!

what i would have worn... said...

So cute! You have me totally inspired.

BBM said...

YOU have AMAZING style! this outfit is darling!

Giada Rose said...

Adorable outfit!

Kel Ward Photography said...

This skirt is awesome! What a clever idea, using old 70's sheets! The color combo here is really nice.

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