Hats On to Mother Nature !

I finally dried my hair and got dressed today. I haven't been feeling great today, but after a while I snapped some shots of what I was wearing. I looked high and low for my long cut-offs, but they are MIA. So, a thrifted and shortened skirt had to do. I am reading through Glamour, and found some cool looks that include neutrals, pale pinks with green Khaki jackets. I am still searching for my shorts to wear tomorrow! 

Mother Nature is being really fickle this weekend, so I wore my knit beret in her honor!

I am really liking pairing pink and yellow! Pastels really seem to blend well. My skirt is a Tommy H. that I thrifted and cut off above the knee. A long sleeve T with a tank T over and pale yellow tights, plus a vintage scarf and long lt.green beads for accessories.Jacket, Sears. My shoes: T-straps by Mudd. 

Have a great weekend !
* Reva *


Lesa said...

Hi Reva,

Tom's shoes are really quite interesting. These are the first I've purchased, but for each pair you buy, they give a pair to a child in need, which I think is kinda great.

I'm going to try to post the link, but it didn't work before,if not just google Tom's shoes, and make sure you get the original website as others are selling them for more money and no guarentee that there will be an extra pair.

Thanks for contacting me, I will add you to my blog roll!


Sher said...

Reva, you sound like me. I always have wet hair running out the door. Then I curl it at the office ;)

I love your layers here. And Glamour magazine, on page 64 I was cracking up over "she's got a mustache"

Hope you have a fun weekend too!

JordanMayTwigs said...

I've been wearing my knit hats a lot lately.
And my Turbans.
Since I need a hair cut badly.
I look like who did it and ran!!

I have a nylon wind breaker like that one that I got on clearence two Christmas's ago!!
I have yet to wear it though.
Maybe soon now that I've got some inspiration!!




Hi Reva,
Stumbled upon your blog, and I LOVE it!
I am a beret lover, well lover of all hats, really..
Hope you come on over, and check out my blog sometime.


Dirty Hair Halo said...

cutie pie in your mary jane wedges.

Lady Cardigan said...

You're so photogenic! I like the photo where you're holding the flower. I never look cute in photos. Oh well. I like the pinks and yellows, and your hat. The outfit for some reason is making me think of the '80s (not sure why?) but in a good way.

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