When I first saw a pair of Harem pants , I thought NO WAY! But as trends finally become fashion after the kinks have been removed, I usually fall on the fashion hand grenade with everyone else. It took me a while to find them presented in a fresh, ecletic way, but it finally happened. Forever 21's Twelve by Twelve Vintage Garden ( no, they didn't pay me to say this) - I saw the perfect mix of vintage style mixed with Harems! Too cool ! Here is my version and how I made them !

FIRST : I grabbed an old broomstick style FULL skirt from my skirt pile. 
SECOND : I put it on. I leaned forward and grabbed about a foot down from my crotch and pinned it.
THIRD : I layed it out and doubled it over long-ways, and cut a deep U shape from the center, leaving the legs full. 
FOURTH : I turned it inside out, and pinned the cut area in place to create 2 legs. I stitched them up (by hand while watching a Buffy re-run)
FIFTH : I put it on right side out, and tied a knot on each leg side. Make the knot lay flat. This may take a few tries, but it will determine how your legs will lay properly.
SIXTH : Turned them inside-out again, and stitched a 1/2 " hem for elastic. I left the hole where the knot is to thread the elastic through. I was out of elastic, so I just used a ribbon instead! Use a big safety pin, attached to the end of the ribbon to pull it through easily. Slip em on, tie the ribbon , blouse out the legs and Done !


There are many different styles and lengths of this pant. Some are full, Some are more tapered. You get to pick the style you like best ! Mine are actually called RAI style, short and folksy.

Here are some examples. You can alter the length as you desire !


1. Avoid the Alladdin look by steering away from ankle bells, Over accessorizing, Scarves and the Genie shoe. Hats look great with harems !
2. Mix them with a vintage look to make them look fresh and current. Such as a lace top, straw hat, Flower brooches, pearls, simple cardigans, or even a small floral print, as long as the pant remains the focus.
3.. Consider the Shoe! Harems shorten the leg, so keep shoes simple and try a peep-toe pump. Ankle straps will make you appear shorter, but harems look great with Gladiators and a simple tank!
I have seen them on tall, petite, shorter, and full figures. They all rock !
4.. Keep your top simple. The focus is on the pant! This look is terrific for ladies with a larger upper torso ! Pair them with a fitted jacket or top, it looks awesome !

Here are a few examples from

my favorite !

Some great sources for how to make , And how to wear harems are : , , , , and the great DIY network.
Just type in how to make harem pants .
U Tube has great tips on how to wear them also.
However, my inspiration is from F21's Twelve by Twelve Vintage Garden. Check it out for really cool vintage inspired outfits !

I made these pant in about 1 hour. I added a Vintage lace blouse and a thrifted knit black lace cardi for contrast. It was hard to lay off the accessories, as I love em, but the hat and simple pearl drop earring were enough. My shoes "grounded" the look by being black, but the florette on the toe kept them in a vintage mode. I think they look great belted, also or with flowy layers. That will be my next try. 


Take a wide, knit head band and pull it over your hat to create a wide band in any color. You can pick these up at any dollar store / drug store usually in 3 packs for a couple bucks. I pinned a contrasting flower on the side. Wa-La! A new hat !

IN SUMMARY : I always know an outfit is "working" when I feel great in it. I felt trendy, but not costumey in this look. I don't do How-To's very often, so if anyone has a question, I'll be happy to answer! Honestly, I am a "guesser" when it comes to sewing. This project turned out all right. And, when I tire of the Harem trend, I will cut it off and make a skirt! A two for one! That's MY kind of cost cutting!!! If you are wondering how this trend would look on you, go to U-Tube. There are alot of women showing us how they wear their harems. The fun part for me was that there are Sooo many different types to choose from. I believe anyone can pull off the dreaded HAREM !   *Reva*


JordanMayTwigs said...

This is an awesome DIY project!!!

I'm thinking about spending all day tomorrow reconstructing stuff.

E-mail me.
I have question for you!!!



Rad_in_Broolyn said...

This is a great tutorial. I must admit that I am kind of scared of dropped crotches (because of my long torso) but you look amazing in this outfit! I wondder

Maria said...

I think I'm still at the point of "no way" on harem pants. I've seen them and I can't imagine them on me. I think they work so much better on your body type because they fall with grace. On me, I just don't see it happening. I love that you actually created these though, and they look like the real deal, so good job!

I was anti-skinny jeans too and now I love them, so maybe I'll come around, who knows.

Congrats on being featured on Yolanda's blog!

Lady Cardigan said...

A great tutorial - well done! I could and would never wear these, but they are cute on you. And I love your hat project, too. I wish I could find a hat that fits my giant head!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

great project and tutorial! Thank you so much for your lovely comment today :)
Have a great weekend xo

Giada Rose said...

Your style is so awesome! I haven't had the nerve to try harem pants, but after seeing you rock them, I might just!

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