VINTAGE VIXEN, I've got a Secret !

Today's outfit is pretty simple. I like to mix florals and stripes, but I have a secret !

Underneath the lacey top and humble skirt is a sexy vixen! Just Kidding! I have been seeing so many younger ladies sporting the over-the-knee socks with crotch scraping mini's. I LOVE the look, but as a "saged" woman, it would fall into creepy territory if I wore them. Ahh.. If only I were 20 yrs. younger.........
So, I hid them beneath a longer skirt. If I bend over too far, my Hubs gets a peek without displaying my inner sex kitten to the general public. I really missed out by wearing 80's power fashion in my twenties. My tops were over-sized and buttoned up to the top of my neck with leggings covering my gams. My skin only saw daylight in the hottest parts of August! What was I thinking? Being driven by baggy oversized styles. So to all the young leg showing hotties, Go for It !!! You're only young for so long ! If I were in my 20's again, I'd probably go nude ! ;) Also, if I ever wear these again, the bow will have to go!

I sported my favorite Vintage purse as well. I didn't realize how dirty it was til I saw a close-up photo of it!
I'm not even sure what decade this is from. The handles say late 60's, but the rosettes say older.

I'm not sure how to clean the rosettes without destroying them. Any tips ?

 I also wore a watch my Husband gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I love the cameo's and ladies etched into the band. It was hand-made. He's so thoughtful <3

 I am preparing for my very first photo shoot soon and am so excited ! More will be revealed............
I am a bit nervous, but know that it will turn out well as long as I stay humble and connected . My goal is to practice, practice, practice ! ( I won't be the model, I'll be the photographer ). It will be nice to be behind the lens instead of running to pose within 10 seconds and hoping for a good shot ! ( not that I'm complaining ;)
I no longer need to join a gym, as the running and posing are a work-out. Maybe I should invent the Tri-pod Posing Fitness Program ! 

My Outfit: Top: Sears,clx.- Skirt: Old Navy,thrifted.- Socks: Lollipops, Sears. Necklace,thrifted. Boots: Covington, Sears. ( I used to work there ) Earrings: Target,clx. Diet Orange Pop: Kroger's, Yum.


The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

You look great! Love the stockings.
Also seriously envious of the purse.

JordanMayTwigs said...

I love that top.
It's totally you!!!

And that bag is killer as well.


L said...

Excuse me, ma'am, but I think you could ROCK a mini! You should go for it! As long as it's the only skin-baring thing you're wearing, I think it'd still be tasteful. And you're so beautiful and spunky as it is, the only people batting eyes would be charmed folks. ;D

Love the bows and the cute floral!

Second Skin said...

I love that you have this little hidden sex kitten thing! I have some stockings sort of like that too but the bows are in the back and only the very privileged one gets to see it! It so fun to walk around with the knowledge of hidden bows though isn't it! I also love your flower and accessories! Great outfit!

Now, the registry, It will be happening, but a couple of extra opinions have been entered into the equation so I am not sure If I will be working with a group of editors who's visions I must respect, or on my own with everyone else! I am sitting on it for just a minute to see how things pan out.

the camera: I have just been using automatic for now until I have plenty of time to play. My remote control just arrived this afternoon so I will be using that tomorrow! But I have no tips for sun! I am so sorry!

The shoes: I am keeping the lovelies I aM wearing! But if I ever do decide to sell them, they are size 8 and i will let you know!

I think that was it! Right?

Lady Cardigan said...

I like your outfit, love the floral top -- and that watch is so cool!

Rhianna said...

Hello! So glad you found me, I’m having so much fun scrolling thru all your posts. It looks like you are an incredibly creative person. I just love all your skirts and funky jewelry!

RETRO REVA said...

Thanks so much Rhianna! You will be entered in my give-away with 5 points!

gina said...

Awesome watch! Love all the flowers and stripes and bows together in the creamy soft colors.

Deborah said...

I love this Reva! Love the soft shades and the stripes and florals mixed together. Love the stockings and boots too! Very nice! Nice photos!

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