" An unexamined life is not worth living. "  

Scenario :  Sitting in the tub, Saturday Night, pondering. What would I be wearing tonight if I'd never started blogging ? Never kept afoot of the latest trends ? Never been hoping that other's enjoy my sense of style ? Not spending hours scouring the web for inspiration ? As an older woman trying to stay on top of the latest styles and face creams? Wondering which outfit will make me more popular?

I have always loved fashion and held true to my inner style voice. I love to try out new looks. But am I doing so for acceptance ? Or for growth ? Inner reflection is vital for me. I was the girl in school who followed others to be popular. As I grew into my wholeness as a confident woman in my early 30's, I was O.K. with who I am. What I wore. Then, when I hit my 40's, an inner debate began once more. Who am I NOW ? I no longer felt comfortable in my own skin. Was it the mid-life crisis we all hear about or something bigger? Was there a change inside of me, redirecting my energies ? I needed something. Something Creative. Just for me. For no one else! But I found myself trying to please everyone with my outfit choices. After meditating (a crucial part of my growth as a person), I thought , What would I wear tonight if I didn't photograph my outfits? And if I did pop a photo, would I stand in the cold rain, setting my camera for the perfect lighting? Driving around trying to find the "perfect" spot to showcase my ensemble ? Nope!

So, I went back to the basics. What I would wear for ME. Not for a great photo, just for me. This is who I am, and I like her! My photos are indoors, not in my back yard. I wonder if anyone ever feels this way in Blogdonia ? Wondering if others approve of me.
I needed to get "real" tonight. To get raw. I truly love blogging. I adore my followers. I enjoy looking at the creativity of others. I copy looks. I draw energy from others imaginations. Maybe this is too much commentary. Too many photos for some, but it's me. AADD and all !

This is what I usually look like on a Saturday nite. I grab a boho skirt, a T, and layers cause I get chilled easily. I feel naked without earrings and always wear them. My face is bare with face cream all over it and my glasses. I wear flats for comfort. My lipstick is Burt's Bees conditioning balm. Lipstick dries my lips. My undies belong to my Hubs, Tightie Whities. They are comfy for napping and sleeping. I do wear a thin bra, but nothing fancy. I usually sleep in it. My nail polish is chipped . My hair is in a bun with an old-fashioned clippy. I'm addicted to nicotine. I hate it, and am trying to quit. I will listen to Wayne Dyer's Power of Intention before bed , as motivation for positive change. That's the real me !

Bitty - Bitty in the Nude.

I hope everyone has a terrific Sunday !
* Reva *


JordanMayTwigs said...

It takes a lot of courage to be able to pull this off.
And I love you even more for that.
Thank you.
You are an inspiration to me.
I'm not sure if you knew that or not.
But you are.

And I know i was so excited when I found out they had lay-away.
Since I don't get paid till the 10th.
Damn waiting!!!


Maria said...

wow, I wish I looke that good without having to try. I think you look beautiful all the time, but this look is perfect on you. It's so flowy and suits you perfectly. No fuss and yet so chic. You look awesome!

The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

The real you is beautiful. It's fun to get all dolled up, but don't feel like you have to do it for us, we'll be cheering you on if you're wearing a snuggy. Because you'd rock the snuggy and make it look incredible.
Truthfully your outfits aren't always my taste, there's some items I would never wear. But if everyone dressed in my taste the world would be a boring place. I love checking out your blog because you have your own individual style.

Marianna said...

Beautiful and so inspiring! Great writing. I often don't post pictures of my outfits when I feel that they're not blog-worthy! I need to cut it out and take caution to the wind. Thanks for the great post!

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous lady! Love the toned down Reva - she is just as inspiring! (And I'm addicted to nicotine too.)

transmission me


Girlfriend you look amazing in this outfit! Actually this is exactly who I thought you were! Boho chic, is that what they call it?
I call it Cool!
A great post, inside and out!

Lesa said...

OMG love the boho dress, also love the poses. By the way, all of my pets prefer to be "in the nude" lol

Lady Cardigan said...

The real you looks pretty darn stylish. The real me is still totally sloppy in t-shirt and jeans, with a cup of coffee in my hands and my hair a mess! But I am trying. I don't think you have to try if you don't want to, because you still look great.

Your cat is so cute.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love all the different patterns and shades of blue in the skirt! very cute!

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