Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up !


I don't do simple well ! ( Anymore! ) I've never been one to throw on sweats and go anywhere, but now I pay closer attention to how clothes fit, and accentuate my positives. Thanks, blogdonia and Stacey & Clinton!!! Looking in the mirror isn't the same as a photo. Pictures never lie. This outfit started out SO different! I had on a long, pink and white full skirt, brown belt and black top. I didn't "feel" it, so I went for jersey cotton instead. I have a ton of things in this forgiving material, and it always feels great! After blogging for just a short time, I want a photo-worthy outfit on my back! This is my simple. Accessories always dress up an outfit! A colorful scarf, accessory or cool shades can transform any basic! For trendy shades, check out your local dollar store, Big Lots, etc. They have the latest styles for a few bucks. And if you lose or sit on them, Oh well!

I'm getting so much wear out of these thrifted peep-toe wedges!

This little black leather bag is so handy for my lens cap, a few bucks and my license. I'm always loosing my cap!

MY secret girl power weapon. I wore a super blingy choker, and chandelier earrings!

( Stupid tag ! ) A muted floral scarf. I think this material is called jersy cotton, I just say T-shirt material.

Plus, double big watches.

I've got a new pair of bootie heels, bought pre - non - spending resolution. I keep waiting for the perfect occasion to wear them. But, I am still learning to walk in 'em as they are 5 inch heels. I wobble! Why do we wait for "A special occasion" to wear new things? Save our best perfume ? I think I will start making every day a special day!!! WE ARE WORTH IT !!! Do you ever do that, too ?


JordanMayTwigs said...

I'm digging on this outfit.
I love that scarf.
I need to find more scarves.

I too was in a "t-shirt material" outfit today.
I wore a white boat neck t shirt dress with a girls face printed on it.
With black leggings.
A grey && black leopard print cardi.
My pink floral boots.
And black knitted hat.

I really need to figure out how to start taking photo's of my outfits.
I need a better camera firs though.



Have you checked out the new issue of InStyle yet??
I just got it today.

Marianna said...

This outfit is incredible!

Kathryn said...

This might be your best outfit yet. I love the scarf (i.e. if I could I would jump right through the screen and take it off your neck). Is that an Old Navy vest? I've been eying them lately but am not sure yet.

Lesa said...

I'm loving the vest, the shoes and the pitures. Perfect!


Love jersey knit, so forgiving.
Very hip outfit, so carefree.

FENNOfashion said...

I love your style, the first picture is too cute with your skirt blowing, it has been kind of windy here lately!
Great to find another Cincy Fashionista!
Megan Fenno

jlag said...

I really like this outfit, especially the shoes!

Amie Eliza Pinkerton said...

That vest is fantastic! I really love this outfit.

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