Eclectic Cinched Boho Hippie ?

It all started with the shoes. 

A pair of Seychelles I bought several years ago. They may be the best made mules on the planet ! The bottom is hardwood. Better than my furniture for sure . Then a little white box - well really a Big white box - arrived at my door with F 21 tape on it. It was like my birthday and Christmas all in one silly box ! I snatched a long awaited ( 9 days ) Maxi out and threw it on. I bought more than one, as I see many possibilities for them this summer !  As I snapped a shot of the shoes , I realized why Hippies like maxi's. The hair on my legs needed to be mowed more than my grass did. Waves of Grain hair blowing in the wind !  Ahhh... Summer .......

I know people don't like to hear about what you don't like about your body, so I'll try to only throw this out once. I don't like my arms. They are about the same size as my thighs. Think running back. Long, skinny legs with big arms and chest, minus the cute butt ! I tend to wear alot of light, long sleeve tops or shirts to cover them. Actually, it's better for my skin , too! Yeah, right !

 My favorite accessory, a locket by @bstract for Target. It says "Fortune favors the Brave" inside, and "Hold on to your Dreams" etched on the back.

Double Happiness !

I am not driven as much by trends as I used to be, though I think I finally landed the Perfect boots / booties? for this Summer! They arrived with the maxi's and will be revealed this weekend for sure ! I usually dress for my mood and love to mix styles. I love to add chandalier earrings to a simple T, or mix vintage with boho. It's fun to be a girlie girl one day and a hippy chick the next ! Since my "No More Spending" mantra will be in effect til July, I can take the effort spent looking for the perfect piece and work what I have already.

My Outfit :  Maxi dress, F21. - Tunic, Old Navy. - T, No Boundaries. - Belts, Kohl's / Another dress tie.


Kathryn said...

I used to wear long skirts pretty exclusively when I refused to shave my legs and armpits and wore my hair in dreadlocks. This hippie look is reminding me of those wonderful days! I'm also loving your topknot!

JordanMayTwigs said...

Thank you for the tag!!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
I was away this weekend.
And have been exhausted since we got back.

And about how you shold wear the dress,
I was actually thinking of wearing it under a shorter skirt.
Almost as a petticoat type look.
Like my A&F pink skirt.
And doing light layers on top.

That seems to be the Asian style of dressing for upcoming season.
Which is currently my main style inspiration.

I'm saving up to get a bunch of new cloths when my cousin's wife goes to Hong Kong in a month.
I can't wait to get new things!!!

Hope your week is going great!!


Lady Cardigan said...

I like this outfit! And instead of hippie it makes me think of Lord of the Rings, I guess because of the necklaces and belt with the long skirt. (I love those movies.) I have a teenage niece, and she really wants one of these maxi-dresses. I don't wear skirts because my legs are so scrawny, but even I can picture myself in something like this.

My arms are way too skinny. I'm actually embarrassed by them. Your arms look fine to me. Funny, isn't it? I hope someone out there is happy with her arms.


I Love this outfit and hair style... Wish I were taller. I definitely would were long flowy skirts more often.
You look fab.

sky said...

I have the same locket I got it at an antique store for ten dollars but half the cord is gone how much was yours i just wanted to no

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