A big thanks to everyone for their comments over the weekend ! I always like to see and hear others being real, and knowing that we all have "deep thoughts" sometimes. It helps to bond with women who have doubts and imperfections. It creates a sense of belonging. That we all don't always look or feel perfect. What a load off ! Well, it's Monday, a new week. I went out for sewing supplies yesterday. I hate to admit it, but Wal-mart has some really neat clothes (Miley / Max) and at a good price. I still prefer shopping at thrift stores, but damn their stuff is cute! I am looking forward to getting my sewing machine out and running. Wish me luck! I have trouble threading bobbins. It drives me nuts! Especially since my Mom is a terrific seamstress. Alters Away !

 My outfit is a pair of "Skorts", or Coulottes as we called them back in the day ! Honestly, I wouldn't have thrifted them, but at 99 cents, I had to give em a go!  I wrapped a woven rope style belt around the waist and went basic black with tan leather pumps I got at Sears last year for under $5.oo.

Another find from the back of my closet, a small faux croc bag (mid-80's), and 2 self-made necklaces.

An ANA cardigan over a black tank and giant hoop earrings finished the outfit.

 Bitty-Bitty needs a pedi. Any volunteers ? She hates it !

I am preparing for my first give-away this week. I'm so excited !
Have a great week !!!


JordanMayTwigs said...

I need to find a good cross body bag.
I've got a cream quilted one.
But I want to get another one.
[[Damn my obesssion with accessories ]]

Hope you have a great week!!!



Lesa said...

Like the rope belt, I remember cuolottes, you didn't have to worry about showing your undies...

Don't do kitty pedicures, someone is going to get hurt and that someone would be me. Job for the husband!

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

I love the way you styled the culottes. They would make really cute tap shorts, you should try shortening them!

a la Modest said...

Love your thrift store finds (the skort, purse, and necklaces)! Thanks for commenting on my hair dye situation at Weardrobe! I just bought a hair color remover at Sally's Beauty Supply, but I forgot to buy the developer which came separate.

I love thrift store shopping, too. I just went to Delaware today to visit a friend and took advantage of the tax free shopping! I stopped writing where I got my clothes because they're almost always thrifted. I care less about brand names.

SheWearSheShares said...

You have some great prints in your collection! YES! Forever21 is always so hard to say NO to.

BBM said...

love the belt and super cool skort! the bag is killer too!

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