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Fashion Blogging is a two fold effort for me. 1. I love fashion. 2. I want to be a portrait photographer when I grow up. Thus the crazy angles and sometimes over-load of photos! I've always loved both, and since I am at a mid-life turning point - just wait, it will happen to you, too - I know I'm never too old to do whatever I love. 

This skirt is from the mid 80's and the print is so cool and colorful that I had to wear it again. I know skirts are either Way short or Way long right now, but this print is too pretty to part with. I am currently and bravely editing some of my skirts. This one may turn into harem pants, which I swore were the ugliest things in the world til I saw some paired with vintage florals and structured jackets. I fell in love with the look! My kind of fashion! A mosh pit of styles. Today I am gonna make some. I'm not sure how this skirt will end up being edited but once I hit the creative zone, we'll see. I really may do a floral harem instead. I bought the coolest pants from F21's Twelve by Twelve collection called Vintage Garden, and am in love with the entire look! The pants arrived too big, and since the F21's in Cinti don't have them, I'm bravely altering them. Wish me luck!


I started to snap my photos earlier, but was interrupted by the lawn mower. So I ran my errand, and while flying through the forest eating a left-over chocolate and cream easter egg, The egg fell apart in my hand and landed in my lap. When I got out of the car covered in white goop, I decided to check the mirror first and had white goo running down my chin as well. Thank goodness there was a restroom handy. I looked like I'd just had car sex. Boy that cream center dried fast. That's just a typical moment for me.

My Outfit: A Mish Mosh of thrifted items. "CFM" Sandals, Sears. Bag, World Mkt.


JordanMayTwigs said...

I want a Peacock Feather piece so badly!!!
And I love this skirt.

This outfit is simple yet awesome at the same time!!
I need to alter some stuff soon.

Yesterday I wore DIY Black Bleached Cut Offs,
With lace ripped tights,
A light grey ballon top,
My Ex's Flannel, and floral cordary boots with pink buckles!!




JordanMayTwigs said...

It's no worries!!!

What is your e-mail??
Mine is::

And no they weren't from Forever21.
I got them from Payless about 4 or 5 years ago.



Lady Cardigan said...

This is another wonderful outfit. I love that shirt with the feathers. I think your style and photos are very artistic. I wish I had your eye.

Re your comment on my blog - if you ask me, you're thinking like an artist when you choose your outfits. And it's hard to explain art, but I hope you keep trying to explain. More commentary, not less! Your blog is a lot more interesting than most of the pro fashion blogs I've seen.

I haven't seen The Office but everyone says it's great, so I should!

Ashley Jennings said...

Hey there! You are one ballsy chick. Love the outfits you put together.
Have you always had a bohemian style or is that new?

QueenDiva said...

OKAY!!! New favorite... I agree that pattern is to great to lose. You look fabulous... so much so... I had to include you in this week "Supporting my Divas" post...


How inspiring... new follower here!

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