My Pink Bonnet

Molly Ringwald has nothing on me ! I love this pink hat. I paid a dollar for it last year and since I love hats so much , this seemed like the perfect Easter Bonnet .

My day was spent doing a whole lot of nothing . I finally watched Slum Dog Millionaire . I highly recommend it. The message is a great one. The church I attend is over 250 miles away, but I got to wish my Mom a Happy Easter .

Sweater: Sears. T-shirt dress: Kohl's. Glasses: W-mart. Earrings: ?. Pendant: HHI, Coligny Plaza Shop.

Leggings: Rue 21,  Keds: ?,  Cat: Buddy, our neighbor's.

I'm working on a project I can't wait to share !!! I'm almost finished and I hope you'll be Amazed ! ;)

( Another way I've worn this hat.)


Jen said...

I adore your glasses - such vintage loveliness!

The hat is perfect for these warm spring days. And it looks great against your dark hair.

Meg said...

I love those leggings! And your keds are too cute. I've been wanting a pair of keds actually...

what i would have worn... said...

Totally Pretty in Pink (one of my all time fav movies- I was a child of the 80’s ok!) and the leggings are too cute.

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