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Happy Earth Day !!!

This week I have been wearing skirts made from vintage sheets, and unusual materials. I have been battling a stomach bug all week, so today I'm wearing my official Vintage earth day T-shirt! I bought this in the mid-90's because I loved the art work and pink is my favorite color! Today it is "officially" vintage.I'm not sure where it came from originally as I got it at Goodwill. We, as thrifters, are really helping the earth by buying pre-owned clothes,shoes and accessories. The Vintage movement is a very Green thing to do! Grunge was also a time when youth was tired of excess consumerism. What comes around.........

Last night as I was going through my closet ( I finally hit the very back! ), I found 12 pair of vintage Levi's cut-offs! My husband and I both wore these in the 80's. Some have peace sign patches on the butt. My hubs worked for Green Peace way back then, thus the peace signs!

After doing some minimal yard work yesterday, I threw this on.
This Maxi skirt is made from a vintage 70's sheet. My Mom actually made this one. I so love the pretty colors and designs from back then! I paired it with "tough" accessories, but in Summer, it will go with flip-flops, and a jean jacket in the evening. In the Winter I wear them with big,cozy sweaters. She also made 2 pair of pillowcases with the left-overs.
All you need is elastic, thread and cut to the length you want!

Accessories, Black Market Minerals and Kroger!

Yep, Another cowboy hat! I couldn't resist this Peter Grimm hat for 2 dollars.

Don't forget to cut a slit in the bottom side-seam.
Otherwise, you won't be able to walk in them.

Earth Day Every Day ! :)


JordanMayTwigs said...

Happy Earth Day Reva!!!!!

I hope you feel better soon!!!

I love that T-shirt,
The cut-offs.
And the skirt.

I need to find some sheets and make some skirts.
You've defos insired me to start sewing agian.

Oh and I started work today at Kmart!!
I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
I was in search for a black belt today.
And found one for what I thought was $1.99.
Turned out to be $1.00!!!
Plus I get %10 off starting next week.


what i would have worn... said...

What an absolutely fabulous idea! I can't believe I've never thought of this. I'm always looking for new fabrics and prints to have made into prom skirts (it's an addiction, I can't help it) and some vintage bedlinen would be amazing.
There are no vintage stores here in the Middle East (they are mostly just concerned with making money in this region, not doing things for the greater good) so I will have to wait until I am home in Australia to have a look.

ps are you also a writer?

BBM said...

ure blog is amazing reva! and thanks so much for stopping by mine! i really appreciate it! cant wait to catch up on ure posts!

love and blessings,

Avery James Photography said...

Thank you so much for your super sweet comments on my blog!!! Your blog is really cute and you make a great model!! I'll be following. :) :)

Trop Rouge said...

Love those jean shorts! Well to answer your questions the shorts were vintage :)
love your blog.

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