GOLDEN POSIES in the Cemetery

The cemetery in Cinti. is the happening place when Spring  arrives. I saw these beautiful bushes and planted myself beside them. The "cemetery cop" made me move my car , but my battery had died long before that , plus I don't do sweat . I'm not complaining , though ! I got some cool shots, though the sun was blaring .

I love this dress. It's a vintage Laura Ashley , with really big pockets and the dreaded empire waist doesn't make me look too preggers. The only flaw - Sleeveless .


 Dead Battery.

Me and my Baby !

Have A Great Weekend !
* Reva*

My Outfit:
1. Vintage Laura Ashley sundress
2. Shirt : Bitten
3. Hat : Target
4. Boots : Banana Republic
5. Scarf : Dots
6. Turquoise earrings : Sears
7. Bracelets: Various 


Sheila said...

That is an awesome series of photos, Reva! I love that dress (I also have an old vintage Laura Ashley dress, keep an eye out for it in about a month on my blog).

I also love Lucinda Williams. :)


Maria said...

I love all of your pictures, they're always so bright and beautiful!

By the way, I love exchanging ideas and thoughts with you too and felt that you totally deserved an award. You're so good at mixing colors, patterns and making so many things work together. I'm glad to have you as a follower, and I'm excited to be your follower because I can always count on beautiful pictures and cool outfits.

Marianna said...

Thanks for checking in on me today. I am doing better, thanks for asking. :)

Beautiful pictures, as always. You're a creative genius! I love looking at your pictures... it's like looking at art!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Even with dead battery you got some beautiful pictures. Love the yellow in yellow!

Lady Cardigan said...

Your blog is GREAT! You have so much individuality, you always look beautiful, and it makes me happy to see a woman near my own age having fun with clothes! You're an inspiration.

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Wow, I really like this outfit. That dress is just beautiful. Floral dresses with rugged/western boots is one of my favorite looks.

Corie said...

I love the pictures and the sundress with the cute! I usually comment on your Chictopia page but I found your blog! Cool!

piglet said...

What a great photo spot! I love the print on your dress too.

what i would have worn... said...

Just beautiful!


I love the hat and attitude. The forsythia is stunning. Reminds me of a burning bush, I have some in my backyard.
Beyond Beautiful.. Inspirational... Thank you!

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