Nightie Top and Tropical Florals / Spring Fling !

Cincinnati Fashion Week started off with a bang ! This is what I wore to the Spring Fling in Western Hills. I was worried about whether it was casual or dressy, so I decided that I'd check out some of the people going into the affair, first. I blended. It was casual. I was greeted at the door with champagne and some of the neatest crafters, designers and vendors. I met so many nice people, and I met Megan of FENNOfashion. Her vintage inspired jewelry was to die for ! She recycles vintage pieces and makes them timeless, plus her use of crystals blew me away! Her vision and talent was unsurpassed !  As well as her sparkling personality ! Can't wait to show off my goodies. There were so many great ideas I tucked away and also scored a fantastic geode piece! I am really proud of the talent that resides in my home-town! After all, one of the top schools for Creative and Performing Arts is right down town ! I hope to go to another event this coming week!

I wore a tropical floral cropped silk pant (thrifted), a turquoise fitted tank under a sheer nightie. Yep, a nightie! I added a sheer cropped cardi and scarf for layers and my Candie's mules. I love florals and have always been drawn to the tropical prints, without the obvious Hula theme. I really like the resort wear looks for this summer. A lot of tropical florals !

I strapped this recently thrifted small Aigner summer bag across my shoulders. It's small , but big enough for the essentials without lugging a heavy purse. It blended as well. Shannon, of Dirty Hair Halo has been sporting this type of bag lately and I so ripped this trend off !

I actually washed my hair and styled it, or you might have seen a funky hat as well!
What do you think? Would you wear sleep-wear out in public ???


gina said...

Beautiful jewelry! Love these colors on you!

btw, I've been very slow in getting those clogs in the mail, but I still intend to send them to you. I finally took them to work, now I just need to make it across the street to the post office. :-)

I really don't need anything in return; I'm right now working on my first in a series of posts about how I have WAY to many clothes. But, if you want to send me a skirt or something else fun in return, I won't object. :-) I love the boho style that you wear sometimes. My address will be on the package. :-)


I love how you paired the prints together, yet it looks beautifully blended!

Beautiful colors.. gorgeous bracelet

Lesa said...

These are my favorite colors, you look stunning, I love everything about it!

JordanMayTwigs said...

You know I am a huge fan of layering.
And love the light flowing layers for this Spring // Summer.
You're definately nailing it so far girlie!!!

Loves ya.


Maria said...

I would love to raid your jewelry case, you have such beautiful pieces. To answer your question, I don't think I'd wear sleep-wear in public because i sleep in either an old t-shirt or a muscle shirt. You definitely did it well though. Oh, and I love your hair like this. It looks very nice.

Lady Cardigan said...

I wouldn't dare wear sleep-wear in public because I am far too timid! But on you it looks good.

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