I love Black and White. In clothing, and especially Photographs and Movies. Yesterday I was feeling uninspired, but after a day out and looking at some inspirational photos from Fade To Black , I'm better. I shot some images in our local cemetery, but my battery died and is re-charging. So, for today the them is Black and White!

My outfit: Skirt, thrifted.  Leg warmers: Target - Black cardi: Dots. - Green top: K-mart,clx. Black cloth & plastic beads: Sears - Belt: thrifted - Hat: ? - Flats: Target, old.

A few of my favorite Black & Whites :

The most beautiful man on the planet.

The most loving hands in the world.

Reply Hazy.

 Big Pearls.




* Reva *


Maria said...

I love black and white too. I actually have to talk myself out of dressing in black and white most days. I've taken a few black and white pictures too and I really love them.

Kel Ward Photography said...

I am ALWAYS drawn to black and white. I love it. I like the quirkyness of your outfit. As for the b&w photos...I love the headquins! Those are fabulous!

Lady Cardigan said...

This outfit is super-cute, and I want to tell you that your blog always makes me smile. I love it.

Sheila said...

You look like Betsey Johnson! I love this outfit.

QueenDiva said...

Ask anyone and they will tell you how much I love when people throw in color with black and white. beautiful!!!

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