This give-away is for all my followers for their support and kind comments. I've thought about how to do this all week and didn't want this to be a hoop jumping kind of thing. So, I came up with several ways to win.
My current followers will automatically get 1 point. If you stop by and tell me what you love about Summer, you get another. Now, as some will desire this more than others, here are ways to collect more points!  If you decide to follow my blog, you will get 6 points. If you post this on your blog,with a link you will get another 5 points.
If you post it to your side-bar, you will get 5 points. So, you could have as many as 18 points in the drawing.

Sound Fair ?

A little something for everyone !

1. Current followers: 1 pt.
2.  Stop by and tell me what you love about Summer: 1 pt.
3. Put this give-away in a post with a link: 5 pts.
4. Post to your side-bar w/link : 5 pts.
5. Become a follower of this blog : 6 pts.

Give-Away starts this Friday and ends May 9th.

* A Custom T shirt with your blog title on it !
*A hoot-owl Tote Bag from Claire's Boutique.
* A white distressed belt for summer.
* Nail Polish in 'Under the Sea' turquoise.
* A Vintage inspired bandana/kerchief.
*Turquoise floral earrings to match your new polish.
* Boho inspired Earrings from Claire's.
* Gold-tone puffy-heart dangle earrings.
* Super - long dangle Boho earrings.
* Necklace with clear plastic baubles on a chain.
* A special Surprise gift from Forever 21 !

For the past couple days this has been my harsh activity. Reading, Sunning and trying to avoid getting UV on my face, plus planning my new flower bed. It's still a work in progress. I'm still pondering on it ;) 

While looking through my journal, I came across some wish pages. It's hard for me to not post an outfit, but I have been wearing boxers with Tropical drinks on them and a black tank for no-show gardening.

These pretty much sum up my style, with the exception of white jeans and pale,sheer neutrals. Also, a pair of tan oxfords I am still looking for in thrift shops!



This swim suit is so cute from Newport News. Each piece is only $8.99! Too bad I don't need one.

Some yummy shoes to parooze ! All from Newport News.
Their stuff is not for "old ladies". It is pretty hip and good quality. They also have leggings that are really cool.
In my opinion, their stuff is trendy, but not over-the-top.

This may be my favorite part of summer. The bliss of nature! My Bitty-Bitty is a house cat, and I have been letting her go outside with me lately. She absolutely loves it, and at 18, she deserves some summer bliss!
A flea treatment is a small price to pay to see her so happy! Her first day out, I "lost" her for a few seconds. When I called her, she came bounding off the "hill" behind our house, all purry and her feet were COVERED with mud! That was an adventure for both of us. She did not like getting her feet scrubbed! She did get her pedicure after all ! I hope you all have a blissful weekend !!!
* Reva *


Gabi said...

Great giveaway! My fave thing about the summer are open-toe shoes:) I love changing up my nail polish and hanging out in sandals:) I did a post about your giveaway on my blog! Check it out:)

Gabi said...

oh yeah, Ive been a follower for a while now:)

The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

That Owl bag is sooo cute! Been following you awhile.
My Favourite thing about summer is sitting by the lake and letting your mind wander while feeling the sun on your face.

Love the dress Cate Blanchett is wearing too.

Thanks :)

JordanMayTwigs said...

I love this giveaway.
Such a great idea Reva!!!

What I love about Summer is the beach time with friends.
[[ I live in a beach town, Live for the summer baby!!! ]]


JordanMayTwigs said...

Here's the post of your giveaway!!

And I'm posting it to my sidebar now!!


Maria said...

Oh, I'm so excited about your give away. I will post a link to it on my blog. If I figure out how to put it on the side, I'll do that too. I've been a follower for a few months now.

What I love about Summer is all the different ice cream stands around the city, and also there's no traffic.

Lady Cardigan said...

What a nice idea for a giveaway! (If I win, please give the earrings to a runner-up since my ears aren't pierced.) My favorite thing about summer is longer days, with sunlight well into the evening. Actually, that is the ONLY thing I like about summer.

Your kitty looks so happy lying in the sun! My dog is like that, too. He goes outside for other purposes and immediately lays down to sun himself - doesn't even care if he's in the dirt.

Cynthia said...

I am a follower!

I love waking up when I want and staying up as late as I want. Having lazy days and reading lots of books. I am a teacher and love the summer break.

Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

Ra said...

Ahhh this is so exciting.

I have so many favorite things about summer.

1. Hitting the back roads with the windows down while listening to Bob Dylan.

2. Watermelon snow cones

3. Floating the river with good company and plenty of Shiner Blonde to go around.

4. the 4th of July (my birthday)

5. Cooking out with the fam while drinking whiskey and listening to Creedence.

6. Days with no makeup.

7. Sitting on the back porch during a summer rain storm.

8. Running through the sprinklers.

Seriously, my list could go on forever.

Kathryn said...

What a fun giveaway! Hmmmmmm... my favorite parts of summer:

1. Not having to show up to work!
2. sandals and sundresses can take you anywhere
3. sleeping outside
4. watching thunderstorms roll in
5. nighttime bike rides and porch dates with my sweetie

Thanks so much!


Been out of the loop!
Your beds look like mine...Ha, ha! Will be working on them this week..
BTW I checked out SAVERS, No SAVERS in your area.. Here's the link
Just punch in your zip code every once in a while, who knows?

Sarah said...

Such a cute giveaway! I love it.
What I love about summer?
I love those evening night when it is nice and warm out and you can lay out on the grass and watch the stars!

Beth said...

I am a reader- but now I am a follower- yippy!!!!

My favorite part about summer is switching from red wine to white wine!

Vintage Vixen said...

What a great giveaway (and an adorable puss, too). I'm a follower and I love summer especially:
1. Firing up our ancient VW camper and heading off to the great British festivals.
2. Hanging my latest vintage bargain buys on the washing line to dry.
3. Watering the veg patch barefoot.
4. Wearing maxi dresses, flipflops and flowers in my hair.
5. Drinking gin and tonic in the garden.
6. Sleeping under canvas.


RETRO REVA said...

Thanks everybody! Keep em' coming and good luck !!!!!


*** Long days at The beach
* Yard Sales
* Sangria, well who cares what the season..
* Hazy Hot & Humidity
* Sun tanned glow, no foundation
* More Sangria... ha, ha


gina said...

Great giveaway!! Yay for automatic points!

What I love about summer...

-warm weather!!

-light clothes, breezy dresses and sandals

-trips to the beach (or the lake, in Chicago)

-riding my bike

-taking long leisurely walks

-sitting outside at restaurants, cafes and bars

-laying on the lawn in the park reading

-falling asleep with the windows open

BBM said...

awesome giveaway hun! so much goodies! i love summer nights with family.

pls. enter me! thanks so much! xoxo!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Waaoo!! What a great giveaway Reva! Such great prizes too!! I would say that I love summer definitely because of summer dresses!! They are always so light weight and cute! Thanks for this giveaway!


It's 2;09 pm eastren time here. I can no longer see you in my blog roll.
I have to manually search you out!

Andie said...

what I love about summer-

wearing dresses every day
the smell of suntan lotion
pool time
going to the beach
baseball games
pool volleyball
snoballs (otherwise known as shaved ice)
sounds of cicadas and bullfrogs outside
long days and beautiful sunsets

I'd love to enter your giveaway! so many good things in there! and I'm a follower! :)


5:10 pm here. Checked my dashboard, you are there... This is the only post I can see, though I have to find you and click.. The only way I can see the other posts is if I manually clik on this page header.. Which is what I'm about to do. :D

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