FLORAL FRIDAY Plus the Terrific Twelve Tips !

Today was a damp, rainy day in the "Natti", so the outfit I'd planned was not to be today. Instead I donned a funky floral cropped pant, thrifted of course, a slip dress over a lite pink thermal T and white cardi. I really like these pants and the pattern gives the illusion of a butt and hips! Bonus! White fabric covered beads with a big bow was my accessory. My skirt will have to wait til next week. I think you'll like it.

Well, Unfortunately, my End-all, Be-all, Funkiest shoes ever had to go back to F21 today :(  I just couldn't walk in them! I hate to admit defeat, but I exchanged them for some really cute red patent / rope wedges instead. While at F21, I had an idea for a give-away! I'm so excited and will be posting it sometime next week. Stay tuned for the info!.............

I am such a freeze cat, thus a vintage pink scarf and a red pashmina.
The hat is a Totes Rain hat, Ballet flats from JC Penny.

My pink Trench kept me fairly dry.

( Goofy Nix )
I was all braggy about my camera yesterday, so today I got blow-out photos!
Karma Bites!

I found these in Elle a few copies back.

1. PREVENT WRINKLES: affix adhesive butterfly bandage closures to facial lines before bed to keep from frowning / smash face in your sleep! ( band-aid butterfly closures)

2. SOOTHE IRRITATION: after plucking or shaving senstive areas, crush 2 aspirin, add a few drops of H20, make a paste. apply over tender areas and let dry.

3. MAKE YOUR OWN DRY SHAMPOO: equal parts baking soda / baby powder. sprinkle and brush! removes grease.

4. BLOTTING PAPER: toilet seat covers! Snag a few from a rest-room !

*5. DE-BRASS YOUR HAIR COLOR: a pinch of Grape Kool-Aid and 4 tblsp. of your shampoo! It cancels out the orange look! ( My favorite, can't wait to try it ! )

6. REDUCE FRIZZ: wrap wet hair in a towel soaked in ice-cold H20. It seals the shaft = no frizz !

7. THICKEN HAIR: add 2 sugar packets to a 20oz. bottle of H20. Creates a natural volumizing spray.

8. THIN CLUMPY MASCARA: a drop of Coca-Cola will re-invigorate your mascara!

9. DRY HANDS: rub the inside of a lemon on the top of your hand. Citric acid & Vit.C stimulate connective tissue production. It only stings a moment, but is worth it!

10. NAIL STAINS: soak in denture cleanser!

11. WRINKLES: dip a wash cloth in soy milk. rest on face 10 mins. Soy is a skin brightener and contains natural plant estrogen.

12. AVOID BREAK-OUTS: wash make-up tools in clarifying shampoo regularly. Rids germy build-up!

Have a Funky Weekend !
* Reva *


Lady Cardigan said...

I'm sorry your Forever 21 shoes didn't work out! But I think today's ballet flats are quite cute.

JordanMayTwigs said...

That sucks that you couldn't wear the shoes.
I really liked them on you.

I am excited to see what this giveaway is.
Knowing you it's got to be something kick ass.

Have a great weekend.



The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

lol, love the picture of you with the shawl, you're the most lovely bat I've ever seen. Not usually a fan of patterned pants, but you're pulling them off.


Anonymous said...

Love the prints here, so freakin' adorable!! I'm excited to see the red wedges! (And of course you can use any picture on any post of mine, thank you for asking Sweetheart!!)


I love red on you... The bird in flight picture is my favorite!

Love those tips, I may have to print those out and tack it to my to do list. Ha!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

The print on your pants is lovely!! Plus the colorful scarf really makes your face glow, a very nice color on you!


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