THE $10.00 OUTFIT !

This outfit was  $10.oo ! The Bitten shirt, thrifted $3.oo, The skirt, thrifted $4.oo, Boots, thrifted for $3.oo at half-price day, Goodwill. A simple, nothing special outfit in Neutrals. I got a compliment on the boots at the bank, and when asked where I got them, I proudly said " I thrifted them!"  I love to brag on a great bargain!

The Trench was $6.oo, and the Hat was two, but I don't count them as part of the outfit, as they are really extras! I rationalized it that way! This top will see alot of wear this summer. I wore it last weekend with a floral dress and boots.

I was supposed to get my "Veins Done" last year, but "shyed" away from surgery. Now that I'm blogging, it really makes me see how weird they are , not to mention painful. It usually takes vanity to get me to do something I should really be doing for my health! As a hiker, the pain can be really bad. Next stop , by, by nicotine ! Addictions are tough ! Especially shopping addiction ;) !

I really like boots without socks.
( See Big Squiggles ? - I've even named them. Motivational speaker Wayne Dyer says to make friends with your supposed "defects" so I gave em a sweet name!  Their new name is gonna be "Dust", or maybe just "Gondi" ! ) 

I also wore a pair of my favorite earrings from World Market, and a bangle from Sears clearance.


Maria said...

I brag about my bargain shops too! I can barely see your veins, it's nothing to be ashamed of, but if they're painful then sure, get them "fixed." I have a weird thing about my arms and my chin because they're both big, but whatever I try not to think too much about it.

piglet said...

I love the pretty colours, and so cheap - love that!

Ra said...

ok, i'm jealous of those boots. what a steal! i would never take them off my feet...

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