PLAYING DRESS-UP / Definitely not Understated !

I made this necklace out of some old vintage bead, some new ones and ribbon I had lying around. As you can see, I need new glasses as the neck ribbon is dark green instead of black! It remind me of Minnie Mouse.

As the day progresses, the layers come off. This is not an understated outfit. Sometimes it's fun to dress a part. Today is Ecentric Photographer ! I had a million ideas on how I wanted to wear my pearls, but I grabbed this at the last minute. Menswear just goes with pearls ( to me! ) It's just plain old fun to play dress-up! Glamour inspired me to let my little girl out to play. I wore my Dad's shirt.

I'm also wearing vintage clip-on rhinestone earrings. Shiny !

Poor Mickey !


JordanMayTwigs said...

Me like!!!!
A LOT!!!

I wore my high waisted wide legged vintage inspired dark jeans with suspendered today.
And thought of you!!!

Hope all is well!!



I love this look, it is very authentic. You are the eccentric photographer, as well as the beautiful model :0)

PS. Now I can wear my pearls, instead of just looking at them.

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Hey there,

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