What I Wore On My Anniversary / Nieves Lavi Dress

Words cannot express the wonderful evening my Husband and I had Sunday, nor can they express the glory of this faboo dress ;)  ~ Yes, I can be shallow, but if you only knew how long I've waited for a special occasion to wear it. I thrifted this Nieves Lavi silk jersey dress this summer for 4 dollars   ( Who throws this stuff out ??? ) and have been petting it, lovingly eyeing it, and almost sleeping with it for 6 months ;) I knew it was "high-end" the minute I spied it and after looking it up, I am flabbergasted that someone actually gave it away. I can't find the pattern description , nor what year it was produced, but as far as I can tell, it may be the " Nirvana" print. Any clues ?  Ahhh..... silk jersey........ my new favorite ~
The dress wraps around my waist 3 times, plus a super-long tie in the back and luckily has a hidden zipper for quick escape.
I am not a "label" person and actually thought it was a poly-blend from possibly the 70's .............
OK, the evening was wonderful as well, with lobster tails and shrimp, cheesecake and kisses ...............
I have been asked to tell our love story, but will save it for tomorrow .

( I had a shoe issue, black or brown boots ~ heels or not ~ but I let Hubs decide what he liked :)
Plus, I slutted it up with my over-the-knee socks, which I love ......
I wore 2 charm bracelets and simple coppertone dangles as not to distract from the dress.
12 years and counting :)
Babies we were !


SoYesterday. said...

LOVE the shoes..! :)



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bride! I'm looking forward to the story.

Even in the thumbnail in my Google reader, I could tell this was going to be a gorgeous dress! And I really like the bracelet you've paired it with.

What a find! I'm glad to know that someone else looks up the original value of some of their thrift store finds. I don't do it with everything, but often I have a feeling about certain things and like you, wonder who parts with things like this.

Sarah said...

I am in love with this dress. What a spectacular color on you. It really pops!


Maria said...

Reva, you look stunning in your beautiful dress, and I love that you wore brown boots AND black socks. Love, love, love!

Happy anniversary to you and your lucky husband!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Girlfriend! First off I have to say how stunning you look! Meow! Strong colors and prints are good to you, and I love the pairing of the dress with boots AND THOSE THIGH HIGHS! Super sexy, not slutty one bit.

And now: Happy Anniversary! Your wedding photo is sweet (you both look adorable!) and I wish you many many more happy years to come.

I will return and read all about how you two met. In the meantime: keep it up silky saffron!

Lady Cardigan said...

Wow, that is a steal. Honestly, I would never have guessed it was worth so much. Maybe someone inherited it and just packed it up with a bunch of other clothes without really looking.

I love the boots, good choice. Also love your wedding photo -- you are a good looking couple! Happy anniversary.

Vintage Vixen said...

That dress looks wonderful on you. I'd so have chosen that beauty if I'd spotted it first. Accesssorised to perfection to.
Love the pic of ou and Rod. Many congratulations and much love for many more years of wedded bliss. xxx

Bonnie said...

What a spectacular find with that dress and it looks great on you. All the best and congratulations on your anniversary. Am looking forward to reading how you met!


Lesa said...

Love the whole story! The dress, the bracelet, the beautiful wedding picture. thanks for sharing.

gina said...

Beautiful dress! Happy anniversary!

susan schertzinger said...

I have to tell you , this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! I love the bright colors! The boots and tights were perfect! Love, love the brown boots! I am sure that you got lots of kisses with this attire!

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