Frothy and Green

I suppose you'd call this "Yard Style" rather than Street Style, but hey, I am rockin' the army greens :) Last week I got a sunburn during the yard-sale from hell. People in the country hit your house around 6 AM or so, So I was in my PJ's selling stuff and seeing red due to the heat and sun by 10 AM (the heat index there was over 100 degrees) and boom!, into the 50's this week. I swear I have a tan ;) ~ Ah, the good old mid-west. My hubby is into making cappucino (YUM!) and I am enjoying being catered to. I think he missed me ;)
He makes the best froth in town ;)
I am really digging the layered street styles I'm seeing around the net lately. I like the Less-Is-More with a great shoe look, and the knit sock hats paired with dresses. Kinda grungy ~ and I do like my grunge :) I will still need my vintage, big-ass earrings and hats, though. I still have values :)
Hope everyone's having a great week , Cheers !
Sweater: thrifted men's silk/cotton, 2.50
 F21 thrifted Shirt Dress: 3.50
Vintage Lee cut-offs: mine (old)
Cotton tights: Covington, clearance sale
Boots: thrifted, 2/3 bucks ~ Hat: thrifted, $2.oo ~ Necklaces: Dot's, $6.oo, (pendant add-on)


Vintage Vixen said...

Loving the fact you're accessorising with a mug of coffee, that's so unique and so you.
Liking the layered look, your hair's looking gorgeous. xxx

Bonnie said...

I love your casual look today and I'm thinking I might like a latte or cappucino!

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' your jewels again!

As for the hats, i saw an add for a cashmere stocking hat in the Sept. Vogue. I want the dang thing.

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