Shades of Textured Grays

Ya know how outfits seem to have a mind of their own ? This one started off completely different. I've been admiring the super-long scarves dragging the ground on the "Peeper" Diva's as of late. They usually pair them up with a maxi, but I hoped to mix it up with a shorter dress instead. After a few changes, this is how it turned out :) I like wearing lighter colored shoes with dark legs and this hat was all matchy. I admit, it's not one of my favorites, but hey, tomorrow's another day ;) I haven't seen many short sleeved dresses over long sleeves ( like th 90's ). Maybe I'll start a trend !
When in doubt, I load up on the accessories ;)
All these necklaces are DIY'd from "parts".
( Newport News killer shoes, thrifted, of course )
My Mom swears I'll go bald if I keep wearing hats. I give it a year ........
Thanks for all the well-wishes for my brother :)
He will be having surgery soon. I spoke with him today. He's a tough nut !


Anonymous said...

I'm liking the leaves tangled in a scarf...and the DIY "jewels". And now that you've broken the ice, I'll do a short sleeve over a long one soon.

Helga! said...

Fab shoes,lovely greys!
Digging the DIY necklaces!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Grey is such a fabulous colour, I love it. The shoes are marvellous as is that Dr Who scarf!
Fingers crossed for your brother! xxx

the Citizen Rosebud said...

At first glance I just saw the monochromatic greys and beige, and thought this isn't Reva! THEN I see the total look, the amazing way you layer, and use textures, and these somber neutrals (which I love don't get me wrong) become the perfect palette for REVA to come out and play.

I can now focus on your play with length (the looooong scarf, the brilliant layering of long sleeves under short) and the light shoes with the dark tights just feels so right, right now. LOVE it. You look absolutely fabulous, and you are 100% you. Beautiful, chica.

Lise Marie said...

Love, love the shoes and the tights! You look wonderful!

tinyjunco said...

aahhhh....layered newts. my favorite kind. wonderfully accomplished!

i've been wearing hats ~ 30 years now. tell ma no worries ; )

best vibes for your bro!!! steph

Maria said...

we had the same idea, I was dressed all in gray yesterday too! You look great, I love all the textures.

Matt said...

Okay, I'm finally getting caught back up on blogs! I also just have to say thank you SO much for the wonderful comments you've left on my blog! Also, this is a super cute outfit, and I adore those shoes!! I hope your brother is doing well too! :)

gina said...

Looking great! So sophisticated!

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