Army Green

Have I mentioned how much I love friggin' Fall ? The perfect fall weather pattern has hit the Mid-west for temps. in the high 60's, a hazy, sunny sky, and leaves dancing around the streets. Another weather report :)  ~  Anyhoo, I mixed this too small blouse with a cream skirt, but added black instead of the usual brown. I feel all sleek and "growed" up. The clogs were for walking, and toe-to-earth action, otherwise chunkyish heels would have been on me. I'm not super-crazy about the faux loafer/clogs, but the studs won me over ;)

This skirt was yet another one of those " I don't know When or Where I'll wear it " thrifties.
I just knew I would get much wear out of it. It's a light-weight wool ~ Great for all seasons ......
It's beginning to look all spooky as a storm cloud rolled by ........ Boo !
( Everything I'm wearing is thrifted, except for the watch, Sears.)

My weekend will be spent making graphics for Tees, one of my passions ~ Plus, I am on a mission to improve the quality of my little old blog. She's soon to be a one year old baby, and it's time for changes. I have been getting some great feed-back and am taking some cues from other Blogger's who seem to have the stuff I'd like to see here in the future. I have learned so much in the past year, and hope to continue growing and learning ~ Making new friends and honoring the wonderful ones I have already............
Have I told you lately how much I love you guys ?
Well, I do :)
Have a terrific weekend, everybody !!!
* Reva *


Anonymous said...

zowie!!!! you look amazing, am slightly envious of your rockin' bod, & your outfit highlights it perfectly!!! the clog/loafers are indeed "interesting" & add a certain touch to the outfit~~~~~

Lesa said...

you keep giving me ways to match my unmatchable (but had to have it) olive green vest! Have a great weekend, I'm going to turn up a terrific song for you and blare it all over my house!

Helga! said...

Love you too,Reva!!
The new look blog is sweet!!
Love that skirt,so practical & styley!!

Matt said...

I love the outfit! The skirt rocks and the belt is really cool! The hat is a great touch too! Have fun working on your blog! :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Love the way that shirt clings to your curves. That pretty skirt would be a disgrace if I wore it with my messy ways.
I love you, too, honey! Have a great weekend. xxx

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Yeeps! I LOVE your shirt!
I've been having a military inspirted fetish lately... For quite Sometime olive green has been on my list of things to get for fall. This shirt one looks like it was made for you. You seriously can rock anything!

Hope you're having a great weekend, Reva! :D

Anonymous said...

the blouse looks SEXY! And the belt is a great addition!

And we love you too, Reva!

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