London is Calling

 A big thanks to Jem for this wonderful velvet top.
Her blog and style are amazing. She's one of my daily top blogs to get inspired with :)
I received it about a month ago and was awaiting the perfect moment to wear it. Then I got this cool vintage hat during my trip (at the Sturgis Antique Mall), plus these killer hidden-platform pumps (Penny's) and Wa, La ! I shopped my closet, and at first was gonna do the velvet skirt, or jeans, then these cropped pin-striped pants seemed a bit out-of -the-ordinary and I like how it all came together.
And most of you guys know, I plan to be a portrait photographer by 50, so I played with some poses/lighting. Here's what came out. I am kinda proud of them if I do say so myself ;) The colors of the top and hat were perfect for the evening shoot :)  By the By, I am not wearing white tights, those are my legs ;) Got Shades ? I'm still not really sure why I looked so pale ..... ?  ~ Kinda Goth ..........

This was so much fun !!!  ~  How'd I do, Ma ?
( P.S. Blogger, hear my plea ;)
And Whoa !!! What a big-@ss reading list, Blogger !
Ya no longer need to actually read blogs anymore. Geesh..........
OK ~ take a breath ;)


Bonnie said...

Did your reader list explode too! What's going on??? I don't have a scroll bar either.

How fun to receive that gorgeous top from Jem, it looks great on you. I didn't realize you wanted to be a portrait photographer. I think you would make a great one because your photos always tells a story.

Vintage Vixen said...

I love that top on you, in fact I adore everything about your outfit. The mix of ethnic and business is just inspired. You look beautiful. xxx

Helga! said...

Yeah,looking the business in that getup! Great choice of top from Jem,and I like the businessy mix!I especially love that hat!
Yes,I meant to mention that I discovered LunaPix via you!! It's an awesome place,I plan to visit more!!!

Anonymous said...

Swank hat and lovely top.

I'm really liking the black and white photos with a bit of coloring in them. They are striking!

Interesting to learn of your ambition to become a portrait photographer. I didn't know.

Dirty Hair Halo said...

You look gorgeous in these pics. Gorge! XO

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Reva,
This shoot is LOVELY!
The hat & top go really well together & this colour is gorgeous on you.
Take care my love,

QueenDiva said...

I am loving this look... so much so I included you in this weeks looks...

Diva in Deep Thought

Anonymous said...

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