Spirit Day Flair

Did you guys rock your purple today ? As you probably guessed the purple outfit I wore in my last post, I wore yesterday, so I could get the word out and get everyone ready for today. Thanks for all your comments and support. The web was crawling with Spirit Day events and Facebook was swarming with purple-clad images all over :)  I posted an image on Flickr, and right beside me was Kathy Griffin !  So, being the fan I am, I commented on her photo and invited her to visit Cincy and also pop a comment on my blog ;)

I suppose we all have a story about being bullied. During my rural 70's formative years at a public automaton producing school, at least back in the day when teachers weren't as cool nor aware as they are today , I was victimized as well,  but I was never bullied for my sexual orientation or religion. I was bullied for Who I was, however. I was a Cheerleader and there was a girl who hated me for being me. She would slam me into my locker or knock me down any chance she got. My complaints were met with apathy. The following year, she moved on to someone else. I was so afraid to go to school for fear of getting hit or hurt.  I was an easy target,  but hopefully through the "It Will Get Better" campaign, many kids will know there are people who care. They can stand up and be proud of who they are and get support :)  Hopping off my soap-box now ......

I love to rock my "Cause Flair"  ;)
Tee: Gap ( i actually paid full price for this ;)
Skirt: Rue 21 ~ Scarf: W-place ~ ONE bracelet: ONE.org ~ Shoes: thrifted.


Matt said...

Great outfit for today! "Cause flair", what a great term, I will have to remember that one! :) And that's awesome about Kathy Griffin! My experience of bullying was never particularly excessive or about any one thing in particular, but was pretty constant and low grade throughout my school experience. So I'm definitely behind efforts to raise awareness and stop bullying of any sort for any reason, and I have plenty of friends who suffered at the hands of bullies. Its good to hear other peoples stories as well. Thanks for sharing! :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thanks to you I remembered to wear purple. All I own of purple is a belt/tie and one sock. So I wore them.

You look brilliantly colorful and full of life as always.

May I ask you to consider taking music off your blog? The fact it goes on auto-play is very inconvenient at times, and I don't know of a single person that likes auto-music on style blogs? Please consider, as I feel like it distracts from the heart of this blog: style and spirt.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I am glad you took the advice in the spirit it was given: with love!
not only do you have such a great spirit that feels good to visit on the internet, you gotta represent! not a lot of over 30 bloggers out there, ya know?

here's a link to Vahni's Build a Better Blog series. Up your game, because you're already a winner.


(ps: my email is: citizenrosebud@ymail.com
if ya wanna connect! xo ) -Bella Q

Anonymous said...

Reva--I was a cheerleader too. Your indomitable spirit continues to shine, as a cheerleader for this cause.

Somehow, I've been so busy with work that I totally missed this event...and I do have purple in the wardrobe.

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